Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The rest of the story....

PHEW! This week is and will be busy!

Yesterday was well child checks for Olivia and Jake. Nothing to talk report really. We talked about Carrie for a bit. Was nice that the dr remembered her and asked how she was doing. I asked him about her getting a flu shot. He said she's one of those on the cusp of definitely qualifying it. He wouldn't object to it if I want it. I'm not really sure I want to do it. What if her getting it makes it so that someone else who REALLY needs it can't. I know how I've felt with MIL really NEEDING it and having a really hard time trying to get it. The nurses at dialysis finally gave her one that was intended to be given to the healthcare givers. They eventually got some for some of their neediest patients (MIL is at the top of that list!) So anyways back to Carrie, they really aren't too sure how strong her immune system is this far out from transplant. I think it's fairly good, she's not a sickly girl. Then there's the question of whether the meningitis was a result of the flu and if it makes her more susceptible if she gets really sick again. He couldn't really answer that question for me. I'm still unsure what to do. At least I know if I do decide to go ahead with it, I won't have to fight for it.

Today is the dentist for the kids...Michelle on down. 8 appointments, plenty of time for the dentist and hygentist to make me feel like I'm 2 inches tall. My kids have been cursed with teeth as soft as cheese. I've asked time and time again...do genetics play a role in cavities. They always say yes BUT when they clean their teeth I get a finger wagging. They aren't brushing well enough. Are you making sure they brush everyday? You kids need to watch my special movie (they've seen the boring stupid thing FIVE times!!!!) Of course after today's appointment I'll then be living at the dentist office for some time. My record number of appointments for fillings and such between cleanings (every 6mos) is 11. Let's hope it stays that the record!

Thursday is parent/teacher conferences. Another thing I'm dreading. I have 4 of them. At least 2 of those will be for kids who are struggling. Eileen who hasn't scored over a 60 or 70 on her spelling test and often is under 50. This inspite of studying to the point of tears. Luke does seem to be handling things better but I'm afraid I'm just not seeing things right. Carrie is also iffy. Sometimes she's got it, other times she doesn't. She's a tough nut to crack. Jake seems to be good! Hope I'm not blindsided with news from HIS teacher. lol

And then there's Friday or Saturday when I get my new STOVE!!! whooohooo! I'm getting excited (can you tell? lol) I'm SO looking forward to baking bread again. I've been dying for a slice of homemade pizza too. And oatmeal cookies...yummmmmmmmm...............

Who knows after this excitement I'll get my foodblog going again. It's bugging me that I'm not taking care of it, but it's a lot of work too. I definitely couldn't have maintained it this last week. So hopefully I'll restart it soon!

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