Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's here! It's here!

Well it's not HERE here, like in the house. But it's at the store waiting for me to pick it up. MY NEW STOVE!!!! Now the problem is trying to figure out when and how to pick it up. *sigh* I miss our pickup. I'd like a pickup to be our next vehicle or a mini van. lol

Dentist update. I don't think we did too bad although some would be appalled. There wasn't too much fingerwagging (actually they just mentioned Michelle's care). I was really nervous due to everyone getting x-rays this time and x-rays tend to show up missed little cavities. Jake, Carrie and Eileen are cavity free but Eileen needs sealants on a few teeth so has an appointment. Olivia didn't have anything new but still has the small one from last visit. I put off getting it taken care of due to her freaking out at the end of some extensive work before that cleaning. We're going to give it a shot again this time. It's small and we don't want it to get too much bigger. Val has 3 cavities but all on the same side so only one visit needed. Liz and Michelle have 2 cavities each, needing 2 visits each (they're on opposite sides so they won't work on them in one visit), Luke has 2 cavities right next to each other. I lucked out in that we've fit all but Val's appointments into 3 days. None of them are anytime soon, and they're spaced out decently too. (running to the dentist 3 times in 1 week STINKS!)

On the way to the dentist's Val was eating a sugar daddy sucker and chipped her front tooth. It wasn't her tooth tooth. She'd had a huge chip in it when younger and had it repaired. So it was a piece of the repair. It's tiny and you can barely see it but you'd think she was missing a whole tooth the way her and Michelle were acting in the van. She kept holding things up over her mouth when she talked and she kept insisting she couldn't go to school. I laughed. She could go to school with the flu last year so as to not mess up her perfect attendance record (swore up and down she wasn't sick). Yet this will keep her out. She wasn't happy when I told her I didn't make her appointment due to not knowing her volleyball schedule. Poor thing *playing my tiny violin*

I took the kids to Taco Bell afterwards. I used all my Enjoy the City coupons and bought $52 worth of food for $26. We had 6 chalupas, 8 burrito supremes, 4 steak border bowls, 4 chicken border bowls. While the ladies were filling our order Michelle and Liz heard them whispering....7 kids!!! And they all look alike!!! LOL If they only knew. We took the food and ran to my parents house a few miles away. My parents had JUST finished eating dinner of leftovers and weren't hungry :o( Oh well we ended up with leftovers which just became my breakfast and will be a few afterschool snacks. (Carrie intended to take some for lunch but forgot it when she was running out the door to catch the bus....she'll be bummed when she realizes what she did)

I sat and talked while the kids ate, did their homework and then ran upstairs to watch CABLE! Nothing like the reruns of the Munsters to help digest your dinner! While talking about the Woerlen's fire I mentioned my blog. My mom immediately shot out....People who have blogs are STUPID! It shocked me. I didn't realize that she knew what a blog was. Their computer is old and they don't do the net very well. They can't even get their email accts to work (outdated system) and won't let me set up a hotmail or yahoo one for them. I asked her why she thought that. Her answer....No one is THAT important that they need to have people read about their life. I said...People have kept journals since the start of time. What's wrong with keeping one online? Her response....well, their stupid for putting out all that info on themselves. Yeah she's got a point in that, but I'm not living my life according to what ifs...never have and never will. I admitted it's a little bit of an ego booster to know that someone might find you interesting enough to visit your blog regularly. I told her it's also been a really big help for me to be able to come and write things out....especially this last week. End of Topic. :o) I wasn't too sure if I wanted to share this with immediate family anyways...guess I just made my decision.

I've been meaning to share the link to this writing piece since I read it on Sunday. It was a nice thing to read before I went to bed after a not so great weekend. Angels Among Us

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Chris said...

I think people who aren't on the internet just don't "get" it. I know I have made great friends and cpome across very few weirdos, at least of the scary kind ;-)

Hope you get that stove to your house soon! That will be great just in time for the holidays.