Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I did it!

With a little help from Drew. LOL He wanted to put the Christmas tree up so started cleaning and rearranging the livingroom (his favorite thing to do...rearrange). He pulled everything out of the bottom of our tiny coat closet which had things piled up over 3ft high (shoes, boots, old backpacks, sports equipment, play jackets, etc). This made it so I had little choice but to get off the computer. Once I started working though...WOW! I couldn't stop!

Carrie and Liz had brought down a bunch of clothes out of their room on Friday when the cleaned. This meant my hallway full of laundry was even fuller. On Sunday afternoon Luke and Jake decided to clean all the clothes out of their room. This left a pile at the end of the hall almost 4ft high! I knew a lot of the clothes in there weren't being worn so we went through them. They were mostly older boot or peg cut jeans that weren't comfortable to Luke who's been wearing carpenter cut and relaxed cuts for a while. So I bagged them up for the thrift store. There were also decent shirts that were too small for Jake. Seeing as he's my last boy *sniff* *sniff* they went too. We ended up with a huge garbage bag full of clothes to give away.

I started the laundry and by the time I went to bed had done....3 loads of dark, 1 load of light and had my 3rd load of whites in the washer...pretty good evening of laundry as far as I'm concerned. Of course what was left was still a LOT! Monday was a light day of laundry with 3 loads of light. I still have at least 4 or 5 loads of darks to do, plus whatever was worn since I started this whole thing. I then need to wash winter coats, hats and gloves, a pile of jackets and old bookbags/totes I have here and then bedding. So my work is cut out for me.

I took care of all the bags of clothes Drew threw together. He decided to help me clean a few weeks ago and threw a bunch of clothes that had accumulated on my floor into garbage bags. I sorted through them, found about half a bag destined for the thrift store and 1.5 bags ready for the trash/rag pile. The rest were sorted into piles...one of my clothes, the other of Tom's. We'll wash and go through them when we have time. My night was complete when I found a pair of Tom's work pants in the last bag I went through and discovered that I was right....his wallet he's been missing for a few weeks was in there!!!! So now he's a real person again and can prove it! ;o)

I finally found a bit of relief from my sinuses Monday night. I remembered the bottle of nasal spray in the cupboard and used it. For the first time in over a week I could actually breathe through my nose!!! I still didn't sleep very well though...not sure why. I can feel myself getting stuffy again now but don't want to use the nasal spray too much and become dependant on it. I'll try to use it everyday and save it for nighttime use only.

Pat's not faring too well the last few days or so. His headaches have started again. It doesn't help that the 2 bottles of Ibuprofen I bought on Friday seem to be missing either! He's missed classes yesterday and today. I hope it doesn't mess up his whole semester...they're almost done! I thought his headaches were a thing of the past since last year he only had them a couple of times. I'm just hoping they don't last all the way into February like they have in other years.

I need to get out and run to a few stores. While making things for the bazaar I keep running into the...oh yeah, I need A or B to complete this. So I have a bunch of things started but not finished. I'm hoping that Friday night will be organizing and pricing things....maybe even setting up the tables. So I'd like to have then all finished by Thursday night/Friday afternoon. (yeah right!) It's going to be a busy busy week once I get to the store (hopefully today!) I'll have to charge up the batteries and get the camera busy taking pics of what I finish so I can share them here.

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