Monday, June 06, 2005

A good time was had by all

Well the all that I'm concerned about at least, can't speak for EVERY kid at the prom. Everything managed to come together nicely in the end. We had a few the back brakeline on the car Pat was planning to drive (our Olds) going out. But J's mom let them borrow her car for the night. :o) (Pat didn't want to drive the huge van lol)

Here's a picture of Pat and Michelle together...
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This one is J, Pat, Michelle and M...
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They all went to the After the Prom party where M won the grandprize of $250!! YIPPEE!! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Michelle won a bath gel/lotion basket. That party was done at 4am and they headed to breakfast at Denny's (Michelle and M did at least) They got home about 7am with Pat following close behind. Michelle slept about 4hrs...Pat tried to sleep ALL day! He finally called me on his cell (from his bedroom!) and asked if I could take his tux back for him before 4pm. He claimed he didn't want to drive the big van in all the traffic but I know he was just being lazy. I didn't mind since it was sweltering here for the second day and the van has A/C.

My MIL was visiting for the day so I took her with us. As Michelle on down were getting ready to go, Luke managed to slice his finger open on a hanger. After working on it for over 20mins I couldn't get it to stop bleeding so had to call Tom in from outside. It was decided that Luke would stay home, Tom would assess him and then if need BIL (who drove MIL out to visit) would take them to the hospital for stitches. Tom managed to get it to stop bleeding so no stitches.

We dropped off the tux, hit Walmart for an hour while Michelle and Val waited for their disposable cameras to get developed, then we went to a chinese buffet for dinner. My MIL had given each of the kids $5 while at the house so they decided they wanted to use it for the chinese buffet they'd wanted to go to the night before but couldn't. Poor Michelle....she was complaining that she didn't realize we were going to be gone so long and that she had her senior collage to do for the next day. We did manage to get home before 7pm but it still wasn't enough time for her.

I got the kids to bed and decided that I was beat and couldn't breathe very well. I climbed into bed in front of the fan about 9:30 or 10pm to cool off and went right out! I woke up about 1:30 and found Michelle wrapped up in her blanket asleep on the livingroom floor with her collage half done. I woke her up and helped her finish taping her pictures down...took us about half an hour. She went to bed but I was wide awake, so I puttered online until about 4am. Wasn't mentally alert enough to write here, plus I wanted to get the pictures up before I posted.

It's the 3rd sweltering day here in a row. I'm hoping this isn't how the whole summer is going to be! AT 3am it was still 71 with 78% humidity. Right now there sounds like thunderstorms are headed this way. I seem to be managing through the heat ok. There are times when I feel like I have difficulty breathing but it doesn't last long. Each day though I start off a little more swollen then the day before but it hasn't gotten too bad. YET!

My sugar control seems to have gotten better. I think my insulin pen had gone back and wasn't working correctly. When I switched pens everything improved. I still haven't been so great in monitoring...the weekends stink for that! Oh well, there's always today and the next, and the next, and the... My blood pressure this morning was on the higher side, but nothing dangerous...just higher then I've been in a while. So I'm taking it easy and retook it few minutes's back to where it's been. :o)

I didn't get too much more done on my todo list but the kids did a bangup job of getting some work done on Sunday morning before Grandma came. LOL I heard a few kids mention that it was easy and we should do this all the time. That's encouraging for summer vacation! I told them if they worked once or twice a day for 15mins on their chores. This house would look GREAT! Only 2 more weeks until they'll all be here for the day and we can implement it!

I'm without a vehicle during the day again (that was shortlived huh?). I let Pat take the van to work this morning. I'd rather be without a van then have him dead due to no brakes. Hopefully it'll get fixed in the next day or so. I have to drop of somethings at school on Friday for 2 classes! I guess I could always drive Pat to work and pick him up if I have to. Well, let's just hope the other car gets fixed expeditiously!

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