Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm meeeeeelting!

We've proceeded to go from a high of 50's last week to the lower 90s this week. Talk about system shock! I forgot what it was like to have to hold a sticky, sweaty baby. ICK! ICK! On Tuesday I gave Danielle 2 baths before noon. I think she's going to grow gills before the summer is over. She LOVES the pool! She went in 4 or 5 times that day alone. I'm not sure what to do about her and the pool. Her diapers fill up with so much water that our trash weighs a TON! The swimmers are too expensive to use all the time. We finally sent her in without anything on. Here's a pic of her and Drew....

I had decided I was going to start using the pool. I got Danielle in for her morning nap and started heading to the pool. I ended up getting distracted a few times. One of them was a surprise by Tom, he'd taken a half day off and was home! :oD I finally dove (shhhhhh) into the pool and started swimming laps. I didn't get 2 whole laps completed before Drew came carrying Danielle out into the backyard. I knew it! I ended up getting a few more laps in afterwards but not nearly as many as I wanted.

Wednesday the weather was the same. I decided to spend my time wisely and went SHOPPING! lol We left around 11am and came home at 9:30pm. I picked up a few groceries but still need to do a grocery shopping trip. It'll have to wait until Sun evening or Mon morning though since my calendar is full until then. We bought a bunch of things to do some work around here. Although I forgot to get baskets and hampers like I wanted at WM. It was the last stop of our trip and I was SO tired by then. I just wanted to go home! Drew and Michelle were relentless and made me pick out something to wear at my nephew's wedding on Saturday. I'm not really excited about the shirt, but it works. I'll try to put up a pic of it this weekend.

Luckily it's suppose to cool off a bit this weekend. Don't get me wrong. I like that it's not cold out and we can use the pool. I just wish it'd happened gradually so we all had time to adjust to it.

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Carmen said...

I hardly ever use those swimmers. I have had really good luck with just a pair of rubber training pants, nothing under. FTMP, it keeps everything in, and babies don't really pee more than the little ones already in there. ;)