Saturday, October 23, 2004

Day Off

It was a nice day off from school. I think we all needed it and enjoyed it. Michelle and Val had C and F over for the afternoon. Pat brought home Jess after class and Drew went to Wells to pick up Allison. At first I thought Drew was going to be unbearable this weekend but he seems to be in a better mood then when he first walked in teh door this afternoon. Let's hope I'm right! The rest of the kids (except Olivia) had activities to do at church with their groups. Liz chose to stay home with Olivia. She didn't want to see her sad. Have I said that Olivia actually prefers Liz over me most of the time. I feel sorry for Liz about it at times, but I think overall she's quite tickled that Olivia is so in love with her.

I did manage to get some work out of the kids. I'm happy to report that BOTH bathrooms are clean at the same time! The livingroom and kitchen floors were cleaned enough for me to quickly mop. Although I only did under the kitchen table. I'll finish it in the morning.

I'm starting to get motivated but not motivated enough to get my rearend down the cellar stairs with loads of laundry. I have NO idea why it's so hard for me to do it. I think if I didn't have to do that I wouldn't have a problem with laundry. I used to love having the washer and dryer (when they worked) immediately handy. Of course back then we were in a 750sq ft mobile home and only had 3 kids....but I was AWESOME at keeping up with the laundry!

In the morning I'm hoping to start the laundry and get into my room to shovel it out. It seems to be the "isle of misfit clothing" around here. I'm often amazed how my 20yo's shorts that are too small for him, yet are too big for my 18yo manages to find it's way across my room and under my buffet. It's not like they are changing in there, or hanging out. I don't even do their laundry for them for the most part. I think there's a castaway magnet in the walls.

There also seems to be an accumulation of boxes and baskets of things that no one knows what to do with. WHAT am I suppose to do with them. That's my problem...not knowning where to put anything. If I knew where to put things I wouldn't have it all laying around! It would be nice to be able to climb out of my bed and not worry about having to trip over the huge box of misc dishware. To be able to see the lovely deep green carpeting in almost perfect condition (carpeting tends to stay like that when feet don't actually touch it!). To be able to just pull out a chair at my grandmother's old serger table and try to learn how to use her serger before Christmas comes and goes. I also know that when I wake up to a clean room, the UGH factor of waking up is gone (no, UGH! I have to clean this unmanagable place AGAIN!) I tend to keep the rest of the house cleaner when the first thing I view upon waking is a clean bedroom.

I do have to deal with a few things I don't really want to though. The wooden half crib that Olivia hasn't used since July of 2000. If I put it away will I have to immediately get it out again because it's needed. And will it be ME that needs it!? While I'm looking forward to being a grandma but I'm VERY willing to wait until it's the right time! YIKES! I hate thinking about something like that happening to my kids right now. Why can't they just stay 5, 6 or 7yo and keep everything so simple!

For some reason I can't bring myself to put the crib away, even though it would free up a lot of space in my room. It's silly to keep it up for sentimental reasons. I keep trying to tell myself if I put it away correctly, it'll all be there waiting to be put back up when the time is appropriate. I guess it's because if I put it away I'm finally saying....we most likely won't have anymore babies of our own. While I think I'm ok with it...things like this prove that I'm not as ok with it as I think I am.

Well, guess if I ever intend to get up at a decent time tomorrow and start all this work, I'd better get to bed.

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