Sunday, October 03, 2004

Feeling like CRAP!

My kids would freak if they saw that I wrote that, even my older kids. I don't normally say crap and don't care to hear it. But it's worked it's way into the house more and more. I however have every reason in the world to use it today. BECAUSE IT'S TRUE! UGH!!!

I still hadn't gotten my prescriptions filled. Yesterday was too busy and kids were here before I got a chance to run out the door. It probably doesn't help that I was also extremely busy yesterday and on my feet whenever I wasn't online (which was far less than normal).

I woke up looking like I'd gained about 20lbs overnight and my eyes were slits. My fingers were stiff and after walking a while I started coughing...not a good sign. My head was fuzzy and felt like it was going to explode, my ears felt plugged. :o( I tried to take it easy today, laying on my left side and vegging out in front of Drew's PS2. I sent Drew to WM to get my prescription. While running out the girls decided to take advantage of it and have Drew run them to the mall also. Michelle ended up buying a few things with her birthday money.

MY MIL called and proceeded to tell me....Well, that's stupid! While I agreed with her it, I wasn't going to VOICE my agreement to her! LOL I just kept quiet. Luke and Jake were talking with my nephew S on the phone and I asked to talk to SIL, D. I told her I wasn't going to the meeting (church) this afternoon and let her know why. I got's have to put their health FIRST lecture. Again, she is right, I voiced my agreement with her. She won't take my agreement and run with it. I also know (and she admits) she's guilty of not taking care of herself as promptly as she should.

I just didn't think I would feel so lousy so fast. Dr S said that symptoms shouldn't show up until being off meds for about a week. Mine showed up a day or so of not taking it. YIKES! Well, I got my meds and hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day. For not doing very much I'm exhausted tonight!

Tomorrow maybe we'll get into how I think I might have something going here concerning the dishes and laundry! Woohooo!

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