Sunday, October 10, 2004

I'm up! I'm up!

First I'll give a Shadow update. He's still hanging on and we're not sure what's going on with him. He's been outside with BIL and his dog (which is Shadow's sister btw) but I'm not sure exactly how active he's been. I'm not getting my hopes up because he's still barely eating. I hate that he sleeps with BIL when he's on the property. I always feel like I'm going to wake up and he's going to tell me that Shadow's gone. I don't really want to NOT be around when he passes. Then again it is kind of nice not to have to worry about one of the kids finding him dead before Tom and I do in the morning. *heavy sigh*'s not the greatest thing for me to be up at this time of the night (2:15am). I am excited at the fact that I have been on my feet without craving a nap since early this afternoon though. I think the bad part is over! YIPPEE!! So why am I STILL up? Because when I lay down I start coughing and hacking which keeps me awake and tends to wake up Tom (shaking beds and loud noises tend to do that to people) So here I sit. Good thing I have the internet and my blog to keep me company! :oD

I really think I have/had the flu. I even called the dr on Friday to see if it was the flu or I needed to be seen. They wanted to see me because they thought I might have a raging sinus infection, so they told me to call first thing in the morning for an appt. This morning though my face didn't hurt and my 3 day fever was just about gone so I didn't bother. About 10:30 I was wondering if I did the right thing but by 2pm I was outside walking through the gardens! It was a beautiful day out, wish I hadn't missed Friday which was even nicer.

I finally gave Luke and Jake haircuts today. I wanted to take before and after pictures because they'd gotten so scruffy looking, but my batteries were too low. DRATS! They look like clean cut upstanding citizens now! Oh what a con job THAT is! ;o) Maybe I should recharge some batteries and start taking pictures again, this blog is getting pretty barren without all my cute kids' mugs staring out of it.

While outside today I noticed a strange pool hasn't turned green yet!!! It's cloudy and might just now have a cast of green starting to it but for the most part it's still fine looking. Everyone else's pool I know is either deep green or brown already. Wonder what's up with mine? We still have to winterize the thing. Knowning me I'll be out there doing it when the ice is an inch thick in it.

Being outside and seeing the gardens has given me ideas of all the projects I'd love to do. There's the tons of Paprika peppers growing on the side of the house that need to be dried. BTW...THANK YOU KAREN! There's all the apples hanging on the trees out back. Yes they are spotted and pitted (didn't get sprayed) but I haven't found a bug in one yet. They'd make good that's on my todo list. There's the rows of banana peppers...some hot...some not. The thanks for that fact goes out to my BIL who mixed up the plants while he was starting them. I'm hoping to make pepper rings with them, I figure the sweet ones will balance the hot ones. Although I'd love some HOT rings anyways. (I'm missing my smashed jar or pepperocinis big time!)

The only problem with all those plans is that I have to be done and organized in the house first. Being that I was out of commission since Wed and have limited energy right ain't happenin'! The kids worked well in the kitchen today and made a pretty good dent in it. Unfortunately the goal of keeping my sink clear of dishes died a painful death this week. So I'll have to get back at that. Laundry is multiplying as I type this too. If it stands by itself...why can't it walk into the machine on it's own? ;o)

OK...I think I'm getting sleep deprived silly here. Sunday paper was just delivered and I'm getting bombarded by dopey flies who are attracted to the light of my monitor. So I'm taking off and going to scour the grocery ads before I try getting into bed again.

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Mama26blessings said...

Hi Kim!
I thought I would introduce myself, seems how I've been reading your blog for awhile!!LOL
My name is Penny and I have 5 children.(three girls and two boys) I really enjoy reading your blog and can relate...(as much as possible, given that I only have 1/2 the size of crew you do!!LOL)
Glad you are on the mend!!
Take care!!
~A Day in the life at Our House~