Friday, October 08, 2004

We're being invaded!

It's that time of year. The time when mother nature decides she likes it better in my house then out of it. This week we've been inundated with wasps and dopey sluggish flies. Today it was the lady bugs' turn.

I went down to Drew's room to play his PS2 at 1:45, he came home at 2:15. Within that half an hour our livingroom, diningroom and kitchen walls and ceilings became covered in lady bugs! This happens every year and so far it's not as bad as some years but they are a pain! They stink and like to fall into plates of food.

One Christmas I was wrapping presents on the kitchen floor. I decided to take a break, reached up to the tabletop and grabbed a chocolate chip cookie that was cooling on the table and popped it into my mouth. Upon biting down on it I was sputtering, spitting and running to the sink for a glass of water. I'd biten into a lady bug that had nestled into a crevice on the cookie. ICK! ICK! ICK!

Last winter I decided to take care of the piles of lady bugs in the corner so asked Tom to vacuum them up. As soon as one pile was sucked up, swarms of lady bugs started emerging from behind the woodwork around our french doors. I told's like they have a standing room only policy! LOL After the 4th attempt to suck them all up, we finally gave up and let them gather into the corners again. The next day I tried again and the same thing happened. Must be those corners are prime real estate for lady bugs.

Shadow is still hanging on. I'm sorry to say but I've gotten to the point of wishing he'd just let go and die. I'm not being harsh, I just can't stand to see him suffer anymore. He's a sliver of the dog he once was. This experience has left me wondering what I'd want done if I was beyond the point of healing and suffering extremely. While I don't believe in suicide, I'd hope that someone would have the guts to give me something to ease my suffering, even if it meant hindering my respiration capacity or something else.

I am SICK! I haven't felt this bad since we had the flu last year and I'm not sure when since before that. It'd be ok if I wasn't so tired and could keep my eyes opened. I did manage to stay awake until Drew got home from classes. Within half an hour though I was taking a roaring hot shower. If felt good to finally be warm, even if I was blistering my skin off. I then jumped into bed and took a 2hr nap. Got up, made dinner and was back in bed again by 7pm. I wish I could say I relaxed or slept the rest of the night away, but it didn't happen. Seems that I was the only one around that could take care of things when they cropped up. So kids were talking to me every once in a while. Tom was outside trying to tamp down the stone he'd just put into the driveway. I wanted to tamp his head! Doesn't he know I'm sick!!!! *whine* * whine*

Oh well, just got up to blow my nose, check where Tom and the dog were (dog's in the trailer with BIL and his dog...Tom has since come in, eaten and gone to bed) Heading back to bed. PLEASE let tomorrow be a better day!!!

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