Saturday, October 02, 2004

'Toopid Allergies!!

Well most of it is allergies. I'm starting to think that some of it is not having had my bloodpressure meds since Wed. (Pat didn't pick them up yesterday, misunderstood my instructions). I've had a headache on and off since Thursday with it getting worse each day. It's mostly in my face along with a stuffy/runny nose. I asked the dr on Thurs about taking something for it, told me to go with the Claratin unless it's a constant thing. Not sure how long you have to have it for it to be a constant thing. Plus it's getting worse each year. I haven't tried the Claratin yet because I'm not sure how it will affect me and I haven't had time to find out. LOL

Last night was BAD! I layed down after Tom came home and napped for an hour. Instead of waking up refreshed I woke up feeling sicker. My head was packed and I had an upset stomach, which left me a not nice mommy. I ended up being mommied out. The kids bothered me, their noise bothered me and their constant crying bothered (don't know why THAT would LOL). I think the kids got the message that I wasn't a force to be reckoned with because when I said GO TO BED! they went! :oD So all my kids that were home were in bed by 10pm on a FRIDAY! Whodathunk! I called it an early night myself and was out of chat and into bed before midnight at the latest.

Today my head is fuzzy and I feel swollen. My eyes feel like I've been crying all night. I'm assuming this is due to not having had my water pill in a few days. I should check to see if I have at least one of those in the med cupboard. I think I saw a bottle laying around with a couple in it. As much as I hate leaving Michelle during her birthday party, I'm going to have to go to the pharmacy sometime today.

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