Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Is it bedtime yet!?!?!

That's what I was asking myself at 7:30AM! I should have known today was going to be a doozy when I realized I had both my morning and evening double booked! This morning I was suppose to take Carrie to the cancer clinic and be at WIC at the same time. Tonight I had a dentist appointment and middle school open house...again, at the same time. The dentist/open house resolved itself this weekend when the hygentist called to cancel, seems she had open house to attend also. I was going to skip WIC and take Carrie to the clinc...until Luke started puking last night!!! Wouldn't you know, I forgot about WIC until just this second, so ended up missing that anyways!

Luke was staying home and I was going to let Carrie miss Sunrise Scholars so only had Liz to get up (Michelle and Val get themselves up). I woke up Liz and told Val to make sure I was up before she left, I was going to lay back down. Five minutes later in comes Liz crying....seems she's having friend problems and it was tearing her apart. I don't know why she waited until this morning to say something, she was a mess telling me. I allowed her to stay home, letting her know it was the ONLY time it would happen. In comes Eileen and Olivia, Eileen doesn't want to go to school because Liz is staying home. 2 crying in my bed now, so much for resting. Carrie meanders in and is upset that I won't let her stay home even though she's not going to the clinic (because of Luke throwing up, do NOT want to bring germs up to those kids!). Now I have 3 kids crying with the task of convincing 2 of them that they HAVE to go to school. Homeschooling was looking like a VERY nice option at this time!!!

Eileen remembered that the fire department was going to be at school today with trucks for them to tour. So that gave her some incentive, now to get her to wear appropriate clothing. She wanted to wear a pair of jean shorts that were 2 sizes too small. There was FROST on the ground! I finally cajoled her into putting on a jean jumper over her shorts. Now for Carrie. I worked and worked. She finally decided she would try to get into the afterschool program and go swimming. I hadn't signed her up because she didn't want to do Karate and everyone has to do Karate that goes that day. So she finally went out the door.

I was certainly glad that Jake had his swimming party scheduled for today! Otherwise he'd have been fighting to stay home with Luke today too. It kills me to have to do this, I'd rather they stayed home myself!!! But a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. All I know is, by the time the kids got on the bus, I was ready for a nap!!!

Hmmm...just realized....everyone that I would have to go to open house for tonight...stayed home! So looks like I don't have to go to open house afterall! LOL Oh well, it was mostly an assembly in the auditorium anyways. Funny how this day went from being overbooked to having nothing todo at all.

Sounds like permission to go veg in front of the Final Fantasy X game to me! ;o)

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