Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hello World!

I feel like I've been out of commission forever. I don't think I've ever felt so out of it as I have from this cold. I've been on antibiotics for 9 days and I still have evenings when I feel feverish. The last few days I've been dizzy...must be my sinuses are still full but not infected.

This weekend we had our huge international church function. Saturday night was a BBQ/Pig roast which was delicious!!! It was rainy and muddy but everyone had fun anyways. I was at church by 9am Sunday morning. I was helping serve the breakfast and snacks at lunch time. I ended up missing the main broadcast because the caterer needed help. I almost asked for a job but didn't feel I could do that without first talking to Tom. Also the hours I'd have to work were wrong for my family (weekends and evenings mostly). It did renew my interest in doing something in the culinary profession though. I was scrutinizing the caterer and of course could do it oh so much better!! LOL

I'm back to considering going to a community college in the next county over next September. They have a professional food handling certification program that's 1yr long (17credit hours for 2 semesters). There are other classes there not listed under the requirements I'd like to take too. I've been thinking...If the church does put in a professional kitchen and do catering, then I can really have an input there with the courses taken. So I might not necessarily have to go out on my own to use my certification.

Of course everyone else thinks I should go to nursing school. I do know that that's another one of my strengths and I agree with them. I think that right now with a bunch of little ones still, it's too much. I'd rather do something quick and what I feel is fun to get back into the swing of college. I don't want to be away from home and swamped with heavy thinking homework when I am swamped with helping the kids with their homework now.

HOMEWORK!! UGH!!! I have been feeling totally overwhelmed with this right now. You'd think that it should be the kids' problem not mine. Unfortunately they all require my help in their tasks. Eileen is still having a very difficult time with her letters and sounds. It's getting very frustrating for all involved. I'm trying hard not to show it but last night I wasn't very successful :o( I'm a reader and having a hard time understanding why she can't get that rhyming words are spelt the same except the first letter. Not only do I have to help her study there's...Luke, Carrie and Jake who have a list to do too. Can't forget we also have to work on our math facts too. And helping when their stuck and keeping Luke on task....AAAAAAARGH!!! It's one of those times where I've looked around and this fair for everyone? Am I messing up my kids? I hate when I get like that!!! I think being wet and chilled from standing out in the rain at Liz's soccer game didn't help matters last night either.

I am happy to say that for the first time in a long time I did a bunch of work around here. Of course it wasn't really obvious seeing as this place as gotten so bad since I've been sick. The kids have tomorrow off for a staff development day. I'm hoping to go grocery shopping today so I won't have to run out tomorrow. It would be nice to have lots of yummy food to enjoy the day off. I'm also hoping to get the kids to help make a dent in this housework! Bedrooms need attention! I have piles and piles of clothes downstairs needing to be put away. And then there's the carpeting of clothes in certain rooms (mine and the laundryroom mostly) that needs to be weeded through.

Well, I have to get off here if I'm going to get to the store. I figured if I didn't update this blog first it'd never get done. Now I can cross off one task on my list ;o)

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Lisa said...

I totally agree on the homework. It's burying us alive and it's only October. I have one who can read anything but not remember his times tables and two who can easily do math but struggle with spelling, reading, etc. Sigh....