Wednesday, October 06, 2004

That's it! I'm calling a Mulligan

I want a redo of the month of October! It shouldn't be too hard, only a couple of days. Seems I've been whining/complaining a lot here lately but that's the type of time I've been having. Let's see, we've had...sick kids, emotionally wrecked kids, missed appointments, a dying dog and now I'm sick! *AAAACHOOO!*

The sickness I can handle, although I just want to sleep the day away. The dog is another thing. Shadow is our 9.5yo black lab. He's the gentlest dog I've ever met. He's had hip dysplasia to some extent since birth but it's gotten really bad the last year or so. Then he hurt his front right paw...or so we thought. It wouldn't heal and he was hardly using it. Last week Tom noticed that his front right shoulder was huge, so maybe his paw is fine now. Before we noticed the shoulder, we noticed he started losing weight, even though he was being fed. I even switched to canned food to make it easier for him to eat and digest. It still didn't help and now he's extrememly emaciated. :o( He's not walking unless he absolutely has to and is breathing heavy. I'm to the point where I don't think he'll make it through the day/night. My mom's friend B (went to my grandmother's camp with her) works at the pound and said she could "help us" with him today. Turns out she couldn't because she had Grand Jury Duty. Tom's happy about that. He keeps saying he's fine, he's fine...he's not wimpering/crying, he's still wagging his tail and he ate a piece of bread (and promptly gagged on it). I wish he'd just agree with me instead of holding out false hope. I'm afraid if I do push putting him down before he dies, that in Tom's head it'll be my fault that he's dead....because I gave up hope on him. Sometimes there's a time to say enough is enough though.

Liz has asked me to homeschool her again this morning. That makes the third time in the last week. She's the perfect kid to homeschool...she loves the academic aspect of school and is self motivated. I'm afraid of her reasons for wanting to do it though. Seems that one of her best friends since Kindergarten, A, isn't speaking to her. She has NO idea why. On the bus she tapped A on the shoulder. A asked J if it was Liz, when J said yes...A turned her back completely to Liz and totally ignored her. OUCH!!!!!! I feel for her, but not going to school to avoid it is not the answer. She has a few good friends from church, but most are a year behind her in school, which makes it tough. (they were born later in the year then Liz).

I'm not helping matters much around here. I've semi shut down and have been engrossed in the Final Fantasy X game. (working on 41 hours) Today it was pretty much all I did. I did throw together some dinner at 8:30 and in a while I'll have to throw in some white clothes. Oops...just went to throw the whites in and realized I have to rewash the light colored clothes that are in there first. They'll be the cleanest clothes in the neighborhood, seeing as this is the third time I've washed them!!! *blush*

Well Olivia is using me as a lounger, making it difficult to reach the keyboard, not to mention I'm not really in the mood for being the big comfy couch tonight. I'm more like the Big Grumpy Sneezey Couch! So I'd better end my whinefest now! Let's hope tomorrow I have a better report (and my nose stops running down my face constantly!)

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