Thursday, October 21, 2004

Well as usual

nothing went according to plans. I never cleaned the fridge, I left late for grocery shopping and I never finished. Olivia and I did manage to spend pretty much all I was hoping to spend though. Unfortunately I'm not satisfied that I have everything I need or should have.

I made a side trip after leaving the dollar store. I spied the Rescue Mission's Thrift store. This is one of the more expensive thrift stores around but I really needed to try and find some jackets for Luke and Jake. Jake's jacket is too small. They both hate wearing pull over fleeces. I managed to find a windbreaker for Jake and a zip up fleece for Luke. Both were pretty happy with what I bought. So what if Luke's fleece was a girl's? We just cut the cute white and purple flowered Jenny tag out of it, no one is none the wise (I hope there no other identifying marks on it!) I also found a winter ski coat that fits Jake. While having the boys try on the jackets/coats I discovered that Jake, Carrie and Luke are all set for winter coats. I'm pretty sure Olivia is ok too. I know I'm going to have to find a new one for Val, someone stole the one I bought her for Christmas last year. I think I'll also have to find one for Michelle, Liz and Eileen. I'm NOT ready for snow and I wish everyone would quit telling me it smells like it's about to snow!!! Even Olivia told me the other day when she opened the window to yell goodbye to Tom one afternoon. *heavy sigh*

One of Tom's co-workers gave him 5 tickets to the circus in town. We convinced Drew to take Luke, Carrie, Jake and Eileen downtown to see it. As a treat I gave him $20 for dinner at McD's and parking. While the rest of us sat here trying to figure out what to munch on, someone had the brilliant idea that we'd take a ride to the pizzeria and grab something. So we did! LOL Pizza and wings it was. As delicious as it was, I can't wait until I can make my own pizza at home.

For some reason I'm really tired tonight. I keep making myself happy by remembering that there's NO SCHOOL tomorrow!!! (staff development day) Woohoooo!! Now if only I can make it a productive day off. I'm starting to wonder if running the house on a schedule might be beneficial after all. Nevermind...thought is gone ;o)

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Chris said...

You know I have those same fleeting thoughts of schedules, then I snap back to reality ;-)

Glad to see you are feeling a bit better :-)