Friday, October 01, 2004

EEK! I need to update...

I feel so bad for not posting in a while. I kept planning to but time seemed to be keep running out.

We had a nice half day with the Elementary kids. On Wednesday Michelle and Val had a half day too. I got busy and totally forgot that Wednesday night was Elementary School Open House! So we didn't have dinner done. We got to school a little after 7 (started at 6:30) and as usual it was PACKED! I had to figure out when to schedule the kids' parent/teacher conferences. Hard thing to do when you have 3 other kids and no idea when those teachers are available too. I lucked out when I found 3 slots one right after the other in the afternoon (so big kids will be home to babysit Olivia). It's on the half day of school too, meaning the full day off the following day is FREE!!! Yippee! Well I guess I shouldn't rejoice too much yet. I still have Luke's teachers to schedule, so techinically I could have to go in on a different day.

Thursday was my regular follow-up/check-up for my blood pressure. I got on the scales and became totally discouraged! I thought I'd lost weight, I'd even had people ask me if I lost weight (so thought I looked like I had). BZZZZZZZZ Nope! I'd GAINED weight. I had been ok about my weight because while I haven't lost, I haven't gained either. Now I'm not ok with it! I weigh the most that I've ever weighed and I don't want to weigh anymore!!!!!!! I've also started to notice that I'm getting out of breath easily again. :o( Guess I need to get more active again.

While I wasn't pleased about the blood pressure was another story. It was NORMAL!!! Well as normal as a blood pressure med and water pill can make me. Blood pressure was 124/80. Not too shabby!

Olivia and I were going to hang out with Tom's mom but she wasn't home. So we headed back to my parents' house. My mom seemed in a lot better mood then when I'd seen her last week. Was nice to see! After our visit we ran down to K-Mart. SIL, D, had been down there and they had 40% off all their clearance prices. Luke and Jake really needed tshirts which D said they had tons of. The 40% off wasn't being offered anymore but I bought shirts anyways. There are times when getting something is more important then paying rock bottom prices. I got them each 4 shirts, 11 of which were $3, one was $4. I also found a $2 tshirt for Liz, $3 shirt for Val and even though I thought it was too much...I paid $5 for a shirt in a unique and pretty color. She doesn't seem to have too many nice shirts anymore.

Today we're suppose to be cleaning the house so that Michelle can have friends over. TOmorrow is her birthday and she's planning the birthday party of all parties. Friends over tonight after the homecoming football game, other friends coming at 7AM!!!!! STaying for the day, leaving at 11 after we have a bonfire. I think she's planning on 6 kids being here. Luckily they're all pretty self serving. Drew and Pat stopped by WM today to get me some supplies and a cake (they actually bought TWO of them!)

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