Saturday, October 02, 2004

I had a dream

Actually I had it Thursday night. It was 2 fun dreams rolled into one. I dreamt that I had a baby boy, delivery and all. It was GREAT and he was BEAUTIFUL!!! I haven't dreamt that in a loooong time. I know, you're thinking...I'm pregnant! I am almost positive I'm not, so don't hold your breath. Although believe you me I'd love to be pregnant again. In a heartbeat! I just don't see it happening anytime soon, especially as Olivia gets older. I can't see Tom agreeing to go through the baby stage again as he experiences the freedom of not being in that stage more and more.

Anyways, back to my dream. I left the hospital almost as soon as I had him and we ended up at MIL's, but for some reason it was my house too. YIKES! LOL I got up out of a chair to use the bathroom and noticed that my pad had leaked all over MIL's chair. I was then upset over trying to figure out what to do about it and banging my head to be so stupid as to sit in her chair...hours after having a baby. After that crisis was over I then started walking around my house. Here's the 2nd fun part, I kept finding new rooms and sections of the house!!!

Now this dream I've had a few times recently, it's still a fun dream nonetheless! I was enjoying finding area after area until one door opened up into another family's livingroom. OOPS!!! Guess that wasn't one of my doors! LOL Why does that always seem to happen in those dreams? It was one of those, I don't want to wake up moments! Curse that alarm!

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