Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I went to the dr's this afternoon. The good news is...I lost 3 lbs since 2wks ago! LOL The not so good news...I have a classic sinus infection. They weren't happy. My bloodpressure was 156/94, they are assuming the sudafed is causing it. I'm not so sure, especially since I only took it 2 or 3 times and Dr S (regular dr) said it's fine to take because my pressure is under control. She explained that it's not a good idea to take it while having sinus problems anyways because it makes things thick inside the sinuses and deters drainage. OOPS!

I am now on a course of Bactrim DS. I don't have any allergies to meds but I'm nervous taking it anyways. Bactrim is what Carrie had an allergic reaction to immmediately after her initial discharge from her bone marrow transplant. We were admitted 2 days later with a fever which eventually turned into encephalitis...causing her to lose her speech and motor skills. It took us almost 2 wks to figure it out with tons of tests and panic (17d hospital stay) It took her weeks before she was able to walk without a weird gait. I've alerted Tom to watch for things that I know will never materialize, but it's good to be on guard nonetheless.

It's a very sad night here tonight. It's Shadow's last night with us. Tomorrow morning Tom will take him to B so she can put him to sleep. Some of the kids are a basketcase over this, I have my moments. I'm allowing kids that want to, to stay home tomorrow. They didn't finish their homework tonight and I can't imagine them trying to make it through the day in the condition they are in right now (will probably be worse tomorrow too)

I keep telling Luke...it's the best thing for him right now, but it's still very sad. Tom keeps trying to convince himself that it's the right thing to do too. He's walking around saying over and over how sick he is, how much pain he's in, how little he's moving or eating. I'm sure him and BIL will have the hardest time of all of us.


Kathy said...

Aww Kim, I'm so sorry about Shadow. I know how difficult it is to let go of a family pet that has been a part of your lives for so long. ((((HUGS))) to all of you, and I hope that your sinus infection clears up quickly and that your B/P goes down too. I think sometimes feeling really cruddy can make it go up too, plus the stress of Shadow and everything.

Thinking of you guys today.

Lisa said...

Sorry kmom. There's really nothing that will make you feel better but I will be praying for you and all the kids who are so sad.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I am so sorry to hear about your dear Shadow. It wasn't too long ago our family went through this as well...

Hugs to all of you, and I hope you feel much better soon as well.