Monday, October 04, 2004

What a difference a day makes

I'm feeling a lot better today, although not 100%. I'm tempted to still take it easy but things are bugging me around here. That's always a good thing when it concerns the house. :o)

Last Friday while grocery shopping I'd decided I wouldn't buy paper plates. Our well/water supply has been doing well so that wasn't an excuse anymore. (main reason we use paper) I also wanted to start keeping up with the dishes better. With the paper plates it wasn't so important to keep them up. If there's something to put food on then washing a few pieces of silverware before serving was no big deal. This made for a constantly full sink of GROSS dishes. I've been doing a really good job of keeping up on them all week and was quite proud of myself (I'm so pathetic! lol) Especially since my dishwasher isn't working. It's being used as a very expensive dish drainer (load wet handwashed dishes into it so they can air dry...door left open)

Saturday though I was wishing for some paper products. I had to wash all the dishes at least four times! UGH! I think my fingers were permanently wrinkled and my belly constantly wet (I'm a very messy dishwasher). I was proud of myself for doing up the birthday cake plates at 8AM Sunday morning, even if I did feel horrendous. Unfortunately it's the only dishes I did yesterday, so I have a sinkful waiting for me right now. My in-laws stopped by last night with a few treats for the kids including paper plates. :oD I'm going to work hard not to slip back to old ways!

It's funny to watch the kids and see how their minds work. Drew made a bagel and was looking for a paper plate. When I told him to get a real plate he was aghast that he'd have to dirty a plate just for a bagel. He held them in his hand. LOL

I've also been working hard on catching up on the laundry. I have a ton of the regular stuff done. I can then have certain bedrooms hauled out, there are some missing articles of clothing I need to find. After that it's odd baskets and my room. If I ever get into the basement I think I'll faint! I'm about ready to just bag up everything down there without looking at it and throwing it away. The problem with that is I KNOW there are clothes that I've been looking for down there and I'd really like them back into circulation! (little kids dumped baskets out a while ago)

I guess with the pool and garden not needing me to obsess over them, I need to find something else to obsess over. We do need to finish closing up the pool and I should glean the fields before the frost hits later this week though. Hmmm...still have the Cana Lilies to dig up too. Forgot about them!

All this talk of work has left me exhausted! ;o) What I really want to do today is go back into Drew's room and get back into my Final Fantasy X game! LOL Wonder if I can do it all? Hmmmmm.....

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