Friday, August 12, 2005

A not so great day

I had told the kids not to plan on doing anything today because they were going to get some work done around the house. Well they listened but they also pushed the not doing anything into the housework. They kept busy around the house but not attacking what I had written on the list.

I finally blew around dinner time, stormed out into the kitchen and started picking up and doing the dishes. Bad pg lady on bedrest...I know. I was working up a storm and then started crying hysterically. Funny how people started moving then. As soon as someone said something to me I blew. I told the kids I wasn't expecting anything from them anymore since they proved I shouldn't/couldn't. I'll just keep doing what needs to be done, who cares if I end up in the hospital, having seizures or with a dead baby (oops....NOT good thing to blurt out). As long as everyone was having as much fun as they wanted...that's all that matters around here.

As I moved onto the bathrooms, Carrie came in and told me Luke was in his bed crying. He was worried that the baby was going to die. I felt horrible that I'd implant that into his head and started crying again. Him and I ended up cuddling and talking for quite a while. I assured him that the dr and I were doing whatever we could to make sure the baby was fine. I apologized for even putting that thought in his has no right to be there.

I then went into my room and took my bloodpressure. It was 157/88 :o( Tom came in the house and found out what a mess I was. He said I should have told him that things weren't working out well in the house. I asked him why he couldn't see it wasn't working out since the house is a mess. That a lot of things *I* normally take care of and no one notices weren't getting done. I told him technically I couldn't even be out there supervising, much less "forcing" them do what needs to be done. I have to give him kudos though, he made a great dinner. We all sat down to a nice and peaceful dinner. After resting my pressure is down to 144/80 where it's been on and off all day. I hope tomorrow is better pressurewise.

My mom called today. She hasn't been feeling well for over a month and went to the dr's yesterday for a checkup. Her A1C came back at a 8.9...she is officially a diabetic now. I welcomed her to the club. While it's a bummer that she's diabetic. At least her and my dad can work on it together now that they are on the same page. She still has a few tests to take and will see her dr on Wednesday to see how he's going to treat her for this. For me and especially my kids it stinks since we now have diabetes on BOTH sides of my family. Only clean side for it is Tom's dad.

I was going to suggest to Tom that he take the kids to the beach tomorrow. I'm not sure if that's still going to fly. I remembered that tomorrow is the bone marrow drive for a local woman who is on her second transplant. I thought it would be neat for Tom to go over and take Carrie with him. He's not too up to doing things like that (hates crowds) so we'll see if it actually happens. Tomorrow night Drew and his band are playing at the marina again. I'm bummed that I can't go. I'd like Tom to take Michelle and Val since they stayed home last time to babysit and really want to go. I think he's even balking at going to that. Party pooper ;o)

Well it's storming and I need to head back to bed.


JoAnn (brittney2323) from the Sept/Oct EC. said...

Just wanted to give you some hugs. Dang pg hormones. I hope you have a great weekend.

Wanted to check in and see how you are doing. Hope you have a great weekend!

Hind's Feet said...

Kim, I've btdt twice on bedrest (once for seven months, argh!) and I so understand! ((Hugs)) I just wish I could come over there and whip your house into shape and pamper you for a bit. (Instead of stirring up trouble on your board... no... don't go look... you stay right there in bed) ;o)