Monday, August 29, 2005

Latest family picture

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Front row...Luke, Jake, Carrie(pink shirt), Eileen, Olivia
Back row...Liz, Michelle, Drew, Val, Patrick, Tom holding Danielle

I had to photoshop Drew in. LOL He couldn't come visit on Friday with everyone but was with Tom when I was discharged on Saturday. I didn't do a great job of it but at least all 11 are in one picture. Who knows when I'll be able to get another one taken.


Lisa said...

What a great looking family. I wouldn't have known you photo shopped Drew in if you hadn't told. Congrats again!

Jody said...

You really have a beautiful family.

And I am very impressed that you were able to get 10 of them in at once! I have trouble getting 4 gathered together to be still for a picture!!! LOL!

Melanie said...

Beautiful family! It's not a complete family pic though. You might have photoshopped Drew in, but you forgot yourself!