Sunday, August 14, 2005

Saturday was a better day

First of all, thank you to everyone for their warm wishes here and in emails. It's greatly appreciated. Heather....7mos! UGH! I feel for you. And you are very lucky I don't have much time to be online (just to read so I do know what's going on). ;o)'re not stirring up anything. I did giggle though when you referred to the board as my board. I still do consider it my baby even though I don't mod it. Thanks.

I'm still fighting slight depression. It's so hard to be in my room when things are going on around the house. I tried to move out onto the couch but it's difficult. First of all it's the main seating area of the house. Second of all it's not air conditioned and it affects me. I sat/half lounged out there for about an hour before I realized I was dripping in sweat and feeling lousy. I went back in my room and my blood pressure was high again.(148/88) GRRRR! It's ONLY in the 80's out there. Why NOW does the heat have to affect me when I did fine in the 90's (while working my butt off getting ready for the grad party to boot!)

Last night I was talking to D on the phone. She made the comment if I hadn't gone to the summer conference (camping) I would have been fine these last 2wks. I'm not so sure she's correct although the trip certainly didn't help anything. (it was worth it though) I didn't feel like I ran myself anymore ragged then I normally do. And I did manage to lay down for half an hour once or twice a day. Besides if it was that then why isn't my pressure cooperating after resting for a week? I think she doesn't realize that this just happens to me near the end in some form. Plus I'm already on the meds they'd give me. Not to mention 2wks doesn't give them too much of a timeframe to work out doseages, strengths, etc.

My crying jags seem to have tapered off at least. I only lost it once yesterday. I'd asked the kids to have Tom come in for a visit. He did :o) He talked about work for a while and then decided it was a good time for a nap. I didn't want him in with me to nap! The kids kept distrubing him and he kept jumping up to let them know. It finally got too much of a hassle for him to relax so he got up and went on about his day. I let loose with the tears. I don't think he fully understands WHAT I do or don't do while in bed. On Friday I noticed he kept shushing the kids when they were in the hall. I finally called out to him...WHY are you telling them to be quiet? I'm NOT sleeping in here! I think he has ideas of what he'd be doing if forced to stay in bed (he's a SLEEPER) so puts those actions on me. HOW can anyone think someone is sleeping for 20+ hrs a day? I really need to get something else to do in my room. MY MIL called last night and was surprised I didn't even have a tv in my room yet. Oh fun, hours upon hours of mindnumbing talk shows and garbage all day. Now if we had cable...I'd be happy. I could watch and enjoy the food network all day. LOL

Yesterday my glucose levels started going up. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not eating my set 6 meals a day (only doing about 3 or 4), lack of activity or normal end of the pregnancy resistance hitting (or all of the above). I'm going to try and eat better today and see what happens. I think we're finally going to have to up my biggie.

I have NO idea where this baby is now. She got a huge case of the hiccups and where did I feel them? Deep in my right hip! I've felt a lot of movement along the pelvic floor too. I'd say she's totally transverse again but I also have something firm up in the midsection. Guess we'll find out Monday when I get my next BPP. I feel like I'm carrying small. So I don't know how there's much room for this baby to move let alone do somersaults. I told Tom yesterday...if she's born without the cord around her'll be a miracle. We haven't had it happen to one of our babies yet. Hopefully it won't.

I've been awake since 4am and up out of bed longer then I intended. Need to get back into a horizontal position. The fact that we're seriously needing a resupply of things here has me tempted to run to Walmart before anyone gets up. I'd love to go to church this morning! UGH! Why am I putting myself through this....thinking what I want, could or would like to do!?!? At least I have my dr appt tomorrow morning to look forward to. ROFL! Guess I could bop into Walmart afterwards.

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