Saturday, August 20, 2005


I can't believe in a handful of days I'll be having a baby. Everyone is getting so excited around here. It's fun to see Tom getting caught up in too. For a few days this week Eileen has been practicing. My MIL bought Carrie a lifesize baby doll that has a bladder to fill with air or water in it's belly. Eileen carried it around for days wrapped in a blanket. She kept bringing it to me to take care of. How do you nicely tell a 7yo that you don't need to practice and will have a baby 24/7 to take care of soon no thank you! I played along a bit.

I'm getting a bit frustrated here. There's so much I see that I'd like to get done before the baby is born...but can't do it. Even if I wasn't on bedrest...bending over has gotten HARD and all the work seems to be below knee level. Today is my cheating day but I'm watching my pressure and will change that if it gets too high. We're heading to D's house at 2pm for her 2nd oldest's grad party. Tomorrow I'm planning on laying low so my pressure won't be too high on Monday when I go in for my next OB visit. I WILL be making lists for the kids with things to get accomplished this week. I guess I should start packing some bags (still need to wash baby clothes too). At least I know what I want packed for her. I did bring my hair and toothbrush with me to the dr's on Thurs. So I'm not totally ignoring it.

I THINK this little lady is breech again. Although that opinion can and does change throughout the day. I've felt what I think was her head everywhere but DOWN yesterday. What was down was a lot of pushing and kicks. OUCH!

The kids have asked a few times to have their sugar tested when I test mine. I tested Carrie's last week and it was in the 250s!! YIKES! I reasoned that I wasn't sure what and how soon before testing she'd eaten. On Thurs after dinner all the kids were on my bed with me and asked to be I tested them all. Jake and Carrie both tested high (I tested at 117). Jake was 155, Carrie was 167 so I decided to see how their fasting levels were the next morning. Jake was 86...Carrie was 121. (should be under 105 for a nondiabetic) I called the nurse practioner at the long term survivors oncology clinic to see if she's had her A1c tested recently, she's on vacation until Monday. Carrie definitely needs it done if she hasn't! When she heard her sugar was high she got a bit excited and asked....does that mean I get my own monitor? LOL If only it was that easy.

Hmmmm, my BIL just walked in, asked for a flashlight and is going downstairs. Would it be a fantasy to think he's putting the new belt on my dryer before the party? *fingerscrossed* It's so much easier for the kids to do the laundry if they don't have to bring it outside and hang up. Plus we don't have to worry about whether it's going to rain or not. If it does happen then I can add....clean up the laundryroom, organize the clothes and get ready for school to my todo list this week! :oD I'm sure the kids won't be smiling at the thought.

OK...going to go laydown before it's time to get ready to go. I may be cheating but I don't want to overdo it either.

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Kathy said...

OK waiting for today's update...

Tick tick tick. Hope your appointment goes well, that little miss has her head where it should be and that everything goes wonderfully. I saw your c-section =tubes tied post. Hope it all works out for the best:-)