Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ouch! Ooch! Eech!

I'd decided yesterday to see if I could work this baby into the right position. So a few times I tried the frozen veggie trick. This involves using an ice pack on the belly where the baby's head is. The theory is the baby won't like the cold and move away from it. You then "chase" it toward the cervix. I coupled this with the knee chest exercises I'm so familiar with from when Luke was breech until 39wks. This is where I lay with my chest on the bed and my buttocks up in the air. Nothing I did hurt and the baby did move a bit...just not enough.

What I'm whining about is her PAYBACK! She decided that once I started to go to sleep last, it night would be the perfect time. I'm not positive what she was doing but it was not a pleasant experience. I felt like she was doing jumping jacks or sitting there just giving my pelvic floor random kicks. I was hoping she was turning but I don't think that's the case....although you never know with her. (never felt anything besides the pelvic floor discomfort) I kept feeling like my water was about to break. I'll just say she's made her point. I've decided to just stick with the knee chest exercises for now. I'm looking forward my next BPP.

I can't believe I have 8 days left!!! It's too close. LOL I always go into an induction thinking....I shouldn't be here. Once labor kicks in though it's a different story. It's still far enough away that I'm not "affected" by it. It's close enough though to be in the back of my mind constantly.

I was on my feet a bit more then I probably should have been yesterday. Moreso then I have been, that's for sure. It's hard when the older kids aren't here, although Liz was home from her trip to Connecticut. She's a bit less able to handle the chaos that can churn up around here then Michelle or Pat can. I figured out on Sunday that me on the couch doesn't work. It wasn't the heat that was the problem, it's quite pleasant out now. I was crowded like I complained about in an earlier entry. I also kept seeing things to be done and would say something about it. Next thing I knew I was right in the mix helping take care of it too. Some supervisor I make.

Well breakfast is over (still need to get some coffee though) and time to get back into bed. Next update tomorrow night after my OB appt. :o)


Mama26blessings said...

Hi Kim!!
Just wanted to let you know, you're in my prayers!!
Rest easy and take care!!
God bless,

chel said...

Kim, been thinking about you lately and excitedly awaiting the arrival of your new little bundle:-) Rest up, not long now:-)

Lisa said...

I so remember doing handstands and hanging from monkey bars to try to get Fletch to move but he was undaunted. I'm sending (((turning vibes)))).