Thursday, August 11, 2005

Test results are in

I had to the call the OB's office three times today to get the results. It finally required someone from the office to run to the lab at 3:30pm and personally get it. (was suppose to be sent to the office by 11am).

When they called back I was told it was good but slightly elevated. I let them know what my pressure has been running today (138/80). They were going to show the results to the dr and let him know how my pressure is running. They'll call back if there's anything new he wants me to do. So far no I'm assuming that's good.

I got a little frustrated today with the amount of help I am or am not receiving. Depends on who you're talking to. LOL I thought I'd had the kids into a routine where things would just get done. They seem to have different things in their heads. I have had to ask/plead/prod for anything to get done. If this is going to continue for 2 more weeks...things will have to change.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we have a definite induction long as everything continues along an ok path. It's set for Thurs, Aug 25th when I'll be 38wks. Of course that's also likely to change according to how my pressure goes (not worried about my sugar anymore).

Luke and Jake went with a church family to a water park nearby yesterday and haven't been home since. The mom just called and asked if they could stay another night. I'm glad they get to go and do something fun. I've felt a little guilty that our summer has lacked fun outings, what with getting ready for the party, then the summer conference, now my bedrest. Usually we've gone on quite a few day trips already. On Sunday, Liz went home with one of the girls from Connecticut and is staying at her apartment for the week. She'll be home this weekend. The older kids are pretty much doing whatever seems fun. So it's basically been just Carrie, Eileen and Olivia home with me. At least it's not to many to fit into my bed at once. lol

I was a little bummed when my sister called this morning. She was seeing if I wanted to go to the beach with her and her girls. Obviously it wasn't doable but I SO wanted to GO! I guess I should have called her yesterday. But then again I was kinda waiting to see what my test results would bring.

Since there's only 5 of us home for dinner I was going to try to convince Tom to go and pick up some chinese for dinner. He got paid today and did a bit of shopping on the way home. I don't think he'll be so quick to go get takeout with so many new meals in the freezer/fridge. :o( I'll still try to work him over.

We're in desperate need for some groceries, not just a quick trip to the store for a few things. I'd really love to go and see what my pressure does but I can't risk it too close to my dr appt. If it goes up I'll need a day or so to bring it back down (considering how my pressure is reacting right now). I'll probably just write a list and send the big kids though. It's hard since I don't normally shop from a list...just know what to get and get it. I could REALLY use a laptop about now!!! Then I wouldn't have to be bad and sit at this computer.

OK...going to be a good girl (as soon as I find the store ads to take back to bed with me). Back to bed I go!

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