Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday OB visit update

As usual the nurse got an unbelieveable low blood pressure reading on me (120/60). The dr was impressed and asked...what have you been doing all week...laying in bed ;o) I told him to look at my at home numbers and ask me that again. He reasoned my numbers are so high because my BP cuff is too small...told him nope, I bought an extra large one special. So now I have to bring in my cuff to be tested against the office's when I go in on Thursday.

MY BPP took a while because little stinker didn't want to move around. The dr finally got her to move around. And where is she you ask? She's breech of course...complete breech to be exact (cannonball position) The dr seemed a bit concerned about it but repeated a few times...we have a little time left (10 days to be exact!) Guess that explains the firmness I've been feeling in my midsection. LOL She was measured to weigh 6lbs 7+lbs next week. I was tempted to ask questions about birthing options with a breech baby but decided to wait until next week since she's a mover. The dr asked me if I was considering getting my tubes tied and I responded...I'm not sure yet. He made the comment...that means no at this point. Tom and I really need to talk.

I gained 4lbs that I lost last week so weigh 209. The nurse couldn't figure out why I corrected her on my weight. I reminded her she said my weight was 229! She was taken aback, saw what she'd written and then apologized. Oh yeah, I'm still on bedrest.

I was feeling lousy for some reason during my dr visit. I was HOT and sweating buckets, had a slight headache, and was on the verge of crying. I waited until I was walking out to the car for that to happen though...just a few tears, nothing major.

I went to BJ's and Walmart on the way home. It's nice to have groceries in the house. BUT I FORGOT the garbage bags....major reason for being at the store!! I bougth a few school supplies and baby things, including newborn diapers (they're so tiny and CUTE!) The only things I didn't get that I wanted before going into the hospital are....a cute bonnet for the baby (all they had was knit caps) and a nursing bra for myself. Since WHEN does Walmart NOT carry nursing bras?!?!? I bought 6prs of socks, a pink blanket with plaid binding and a pair of pink booties. Oh yeah and I bought myself some sanitary pads. So we're good to go. Now to wash the things so I can pack it. I'm still not sure what I'm going to pack for myself to wear at the hopsital, guess their gowns will work.

On the way home from Walmart I got pulled over by a state trooper. Seems he noticed my van registration was made in June and I still had the temporary 10 day inspection sticker on it. I was so tempted to try to excuse myself out of the ticket but figured it was no use. He's heard it all and it all just sounded like excuses. Of course it didn't help me feel any better. I managed to hold things together until the trooper got back into his car...then I broke down. I managed to drive down the street until I got to a park and pulled into the parking lot to have a good hysterical cry. There's NO way I'm going to be able to afford the ticket anytime soon. (things are tight!) The only way for me to get any leeway in my fine is to appear in person with an inspected vehicle. Court date is Sept 7th. HOW am I going to show up for that!?!?! Especially if I have a c-section. WAAAAAAAAAH!

Needless to say I got home, instructed the kids to bring in and put away the groceries and then collapsed in my room. My blood pressure was 144/90 which is better then I thought it would be. I'm still on bedrest and really should be heeding it. (soon...I promise)

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