Sunday, August 28, 2005

Scary night and feeling like an idiot

We were going out to dinner with dh's parents and siblings tonight. (FIL's birthday is tomorrow) Tom and I arrived to MIL's early so she could get a chance to hold the baby. She was complaining of being drenched in sweat, I put it off to us being outside and it being hot out. I was sweating too.

We get to the restaurant and had to wait for a table. MIL is complaining of being drenched in sweat again and she is! The place had the A/C no excuse. MIL then started falling asleep sitting on a bench in the waiting area. MIL is a diabetic who's been on dialysis for 7yrs, she also has serious heart problems. I noticed my niece was carrying a baggie of cookies and told her to give her grandmother one. MIL wouldn't take it. I told SIL to MAKE her eat it! Finally she ate it but was still getting less and less responsive and sleepy...everyone thought she was having a heartattack again. Finally 911 was called and an ambulance arrived.

Before the ambulance pulled out they told us she was alert and responding now. :o) We arrived at the hospital to find out her blood sugar was 30 in the ambulance (about 15mins after eating the cookie) and they had given her a shot of glucagon. The ER dr's were amazed she's been this long with diabetes and dialysis and never had a severe hypo like this before. They checked her out, had her eat some pudding and sent her on her way.

Why I feel like an idiot is that I realized on the way home from the hospital. I had EVERYTHING on hand that could've avoided this situation...I just had forgotten about it. I had my glucometer in my diaper bag and glucose tabs in my purse! If I'd had her test her sugar when I first suspected she was low, this wouldn't have happened. (I could have given her my glucotabs to bring her sugar back up) I broke down on the way home, dh tried to make me feel better but it didn't work.

Dh said they (him and his family) should take it as a lesson learned. They had NO clue about hypos and what the symptoms were. I said it's good he knows now, incase I start up on insulin again in 3wks. He was not pleased at that thought! Danielle was a doll through the whole thing! She didn't utter a peep the entire time.

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