Wednesday, August 24, 2005

24 hour countdown!

In 24hrs I will be half way to the hospital with my stomach in my throat. I'm really excited to know I'll soon have my baby. I'm also quaking in my boots knowing what I have ahead of me to get that baby. I'm not ready mentally for this, I never am before an induction. I always walk into the hospital thinking....I'm not suppose to be here. It'd be a lot easier if I was ready physically but I can't even say I am that way either. Don't get me wrong...Bedrest hasn't been real fun, I'm not very comfy and I'm sick of constant heartburn. It's still not so unbearable that I want this baby out NOW!

I've never been one to be anxious for the pregnancy to end. I'm too lazy! It's a lot easier carrying her around inside of me then to be taking care of her outside of me 24/7. Oh I'll be on cloud nine once she's here and I can hug and love on her, don't get me wrong. There's just something about stepping over into the next stage that I'm not so quick to volunteer for. LOL

Everyone here is bouncing off the walls waiting for it to happen. The first thing Jake said to me today TOMORROW the day you have your baby? My mom made the mistake of we're going to have a baby on Thursday. I reminded her that we're going to START to have a baby on Thursday. She responded...OK...we'll have a baby by Friday, how's that? I said Maybe! LOL This could last a while. Valerie's induction took 44hrs. If this one does the same (and I pray it doesn't!) that takes us into Saturday.

Today we're heading into the city so Michelle can go to the dentist and get her permanent crown put on. Hopefully it won't take too long. I'll be dropping the rest of the kids off at my mom's...she only lives 2 or 3 miles from the dentist. It'll be nice to see them. I don't think I've seen them since Michelle's grad party!

My mom is anxious to talk to me. She's going on her second week of trying to control her diabetes (taking glucophage) and it's not going so great. Her fastings are still going up into the 200's! She hasn't seen a nutritionist yet. Yes, my dad has had diabetes for quite a while but he's clueless and noncompliant with his diet. So she can't talk to him about it. He keeps asking her why she's testing her blood sugar so often. He just doesn't get her need to know what's going on with her body. I think it's great she's taking this so seriously. It'll be nice to talk to someone who doesn't get a glazed look on their face when the topic comes up. I so hope this does my dad some good too!

I'm not so sure it's a great idea but she wants me to bring my food plan with me. I think it's ok for now, hopefully they get her into see someone who can get her settled on her own plan. Last night she said she was going to have a no-no. When I asked her what it was she told me a Thuringer sandwich (similar to summer sausage). I tried to explain to her that the thuringer wasn't bad for her diabetes...although it's not so hot on the fat aspect. The bread she puts it on is worse! She still hasn't gotten that carbs are nasty right now. LOL

I don't have such a great desire to do a lot around here this morning. I know I only have until noon though and some of that time will be taken with getting ready to go out the door. I should probably tear myself away from this machine and DO something!


Bernadette said...

Prayers for you, Kim! I will be thinking of you!

This is the Bible verse that my midwife read to me while I was in labor with my eleventh baby:

Isaiah 40:11--He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.

Jody said...

My prayers and thoughts will go up for you in the morning for a safe and speedy delivery of your baby tomorrow!


Lisa said...

Sending quick labor vibes your way. I can't wait to hear about the little peanut. Sniff her sweet newborn head for me when she arrives.

Chris said...

Sending you quick and easy labor vibes. Can't wait to hear you have her in your arms :-)