Thursday, August 18, 2005

She's a sneaky one!

Went to the OB's today. My cuff tested just about the same as theirs...close enough to say it was accurate. They got 138/80, with my cuff 142/78. I was worried that the numbers would be unbelieveable low again. At least they are what I've been getting at home on a consistant basis. The nurse tried to put my weight into the 220's again and I had to correct her. Originally it looked like my weight had dropped to 206 but after fiddling around on it a bit it read biggie.

I was prepped for a pelvic exam and waited, and waited and waited. Dr has someone shadowing him and I could hear him discussing things with her. I can't complain..he's definitely not a man you can rush. I like that about him. I know he'll take however long I need him to.

Anyways...I lay down and he starts palpitating my belly to see whether we're "heads or tails". it some there....hmmmmm again. I suggest how about neither!?!?! LOL Move along the left side of my belly....and then onto right. Some more hmmmmm'ing. OK...guess we're going in for a pelvic to figure this out. All I can say is OOF! I think he was trying to reach my belly button. He thought he had a bottom...nope that's not what that is. He pushed the baby toward him, tried to get a better angle. Finally he says....get dressed we're headed to the sono room to figure this out.

We rev up the machine and he places the transducer above my pelvic bone. Hmmm that's much of anything. He moves it to the left. OH! There's the head. Yep she's transverse AGAIN! This time favoring my left side with her spine facing my diaphram. Since she's proven she's a mover we've left birthing decisions up until the last minute. I was to go back in on Tues to check for position but they were booked solid. So I'm going in on Monday. This time straight to a sono. PHEW!

We're still planning on induction for next Thursday....ONE WEEK!!!...SEVEN DAYS!!! It's too close! I can't believe I may have my baby in my arms at this time next week. YIKES! and YIPPEE!!!

I asked about bedrest...he thought and rethought it. He pointed out how well my pressures have been from the first week to now. I admitted the numbers change whether I'm being good or bad about staying in bed. So it is doing some good. So he decided I should ride out one more week in bed. I'm ok with it but I do plan on cheating already. D is having a graduation party for her dd that graduated with Michelle on Saturday and I'm NOT missing it. I've also been dying to do some sewing and want to make the girls a few quick things. If I run into a really good pressure day where the heat isn't bad in the livingroom (where my machine is), I think I may take a stab at it. Note I said may.

I had a lot of questions about whether an external version was an option and whether he'd allow a vag breech birth. They're all on hold until Monday. Tom is adamant that this is it. While I'm less inclined to agree with him. I understand and respect his stance. We've left it at...if I have a c-section...I'll get my tubes tied. So this baby BETTER get her act together so the chance of a section is greatly diminished!

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Chris said...

Sending you lots of baby head down vibes!!!