Monday, August 22, 2005

My LAST OB appointment

Tom took today off and came with me. He really enjoyed taking a peek at the baby. I'm not sure when's the last time he's seen a sono. The baby has decided to cooperate and is head down! Woohooo! Hopefully she'll stay that way. I think she will since she also seems to have calmed down a bit in the movement department (makes me nervous though...trying to be more aware of kickcounts) The gameplan is to be admitted at 7am Thursday morning for induction.

This week's BPP weighed her in at 6lbs 2oz! I reminded the dr that last week's had her at 6lbs 13oz. It made him go hmmmmmm. It'll be interesting to see what she really weighs. I gained a pound or so and am at 211. The nurse didn't try to add 10lbs onto me this that was nice. :o) My blood pressure was GREAT at the office (120/78). I asked if I still needed to be in bed, the dr mulled it over a few times and said he'd be nice and let me off of bedrest. I guess he didn't realize how things went this weekend. Saturday at the grad party it climbed to 158/94 until I got home and into bed again. I'll be keeping track of my blood pressure and will curtail my activities if it starts climbing too high. I have a LOT I want to do around here though!

My sugar has started to climb. I've started a new insulin pen to see if that's the problem. I personally think it's the strips since I switched them out on Saturday which is when my numbers jumped drastically. I'm wondering if the pharmacy's supply of 100ct test strips (box with 2 vials in it instead of 1) was compromised somehow. It seemed to do the exact same thing with the last box of 100ct strips I had. Switched them over to a 50ct box and it went back down to my regular low numbers. If my numbers continue to stay high I have permission to adjust my dosage.

We talked about what we'll be doing concerning my diabetes postpartum. He said I'll still keep track of my numbers but won't be on insulin. I'll be given a 1 month grace period to see what my body decides to do. If my numbers stay where they are insulin. If they start to rise...I'll be doing insulin until I'm done breastfeeding at the very least. The may switch to oral meds.

After the dr appt Tom and I went out to lunch. We hit the chinese buffet :o) I usually do really well there but today my sugar was 158 2hrs after eating!!! OOPS! We had a really good time though. It was nice to sit and talk without being distracted or interrupted. After leaving there we hit the dollar store for some snacks to take to the hospital. I picked one dollar store over the other and the gamble didn't pay off. :o( The one I picked doesn't have a set food supply but they tend to have better deals and types of food....they didn't today. I could probably do with a trip to the other one now. Maybe when I take Michelle to the dentist on Wed I'll stop in quick.

Our next to last stop was the laundromat. I did 3 loads of laundry and decided to dry them in a machine instead of on the line. NOPE, BIL didn't fix the dryer. He thought he did but it's still not working. The good news is....ALL the baby clothes are now washed! :oD I can now pack the baby's bag. I'm hoping to finish everyone else's clothes tomorrow and put up an outfit for them to wear to the hospital. I learned that lesson when Luke was born. Val and Liz weren't in school yet and Tom brought them to the hospital when he picked me up. "Luckily" he got in an accident on the way up to the hospital and his brother had to pick them up and drive them. BIL stayed in his van with the girls while Tom ran in to get me. I was SO glad they didn't come in. They had ripped and holey clothes on, striped leggings and flowered print shirts. Val had a ponytail behind one ear on one side of her head, the other side's pony was almost standing straight up onto of her head! Don't ask me when the last time Liz had had her hair brushed! ROFL

After laundry was done we hit the gas station for bread and milk. We lost out on the bread since they were sold out of it. I'll have to bake some tomorrow.

I got a great surprise in the mail today. One of my online friends sent me a BEAUTIFUL baby quilt! Thank you Jill! All the kids are jealous! LOL Email will be coming to you and especially P in the morning!!!

OK...I think I got everything I wanted to mention in here. If not I'll post again in the morning. I'm heading to bed now.


Lisa said...

Yeah, she turned! Keep us posted and good luck!

Melanie said...

Can't wait to hear her birth story!