Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Back from the OB's

I'm still on bedrest. My pressure was 130/80 at the dr's today. Better but it's not what I've been getting consistantly at home. I've gotten one or two readings like what they did but most of the time it's still in the 140's over high 80's to low 90's. He was disappointed that he didn't know what my 24hr urine catch was. He won't find out until tomorrow morning. I have to call about 11ish tomorrow to find out. He's still really pleased with my sugar readings.

He has had a med student with him for my last 3 appts. He's been using me quite a bit as lessons for her. Today's lesson was the recommended glucose levels for pg ladies. He said in 1967 a bunch of dr's got together, got drunk ;o) and picked out a bunch of numbers that we've been using ever since (fasting under 105, 1 hr after eating under 140). They happen to be right the first time! The ADA came in recently and tweaked them a bit (a tiny bit lower values) but technically they are very just use the long standing ones. As they walked into the room she asked about a reading that was a tad high yesterday (141 after breakfast). He let her know that EVERYONE will have an occassional high...especially when that bagel calls to them. I corrected him and told him....small bowl of frosted mini wheats with lots of milk. He LOL and said the same thing called to him this morning. Bet mine was smaller though. ;o) I also let him know that if he'd made the crack about faking my glucose levels in the beginning of the pregnancy I'd have probably been offended.

I've gotten a cold sore on the top of my nose overnight. He said it was from getting sunburnt. I told him it was that I'd gotten run down this last week. At the end of the appt he asked if he could ask an obvious question. I said sure. His question....How can you get sunburnt if you're on bedrest. Both his med student and I let him know the sunburn was from camping last week (wasn't really burnt...just a tad pain). That's why I told him I think it's more from being run down then the sun. He gave me some Valtrex for it but I'm not sure I'm going to take it. (did fill it though) It seems to be decreasing in size already.

The kids are handling me being on bedrest ok...I think. LOL I've had a lot of visits in my room for various infractions but it's calmed down a bit. It seems they've been spending a lot of time playing video games, on the computer and with DVDs. I feel a bit guilty about that but there's nothing I can really do. They also don't seem to mind, although the girls wanted to go swimming today and couldn't go. No big kids to take them, hopefully Tom will take them when he gets home. My house isn't faring so well but I expected that. Tom tends to get on their cases when he gets home. I feel bad to make him the bad guy all the time but's the way it is. I stopped at the store and bought my one splurge for hospital stays...a Math Puzzle and Logic Problem magazine. :o) I also found a book that my mom had given me a while ago. It's along the lines of Danielle Steele's type of writing. Not something I'm really gungho on but I'll take it right now.

I'll update tomorrow once I get my test results.

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