Tuesday, August 09, 2005

OB appt update

That is IF my ISP will allow me to stay online long enough to post this.

I've now been put on bedrest. My pressure was still 148/90 at the dr's office. I let him know that it's been that high since Saturday. He then told me I'm about to become best friends with my pillow and I'm to go on bedrest. He also ordered a 24hr urine collection to test how my kidneys are holding up. I finish the collection Wed morning then take it into the lab and get bloodwork done. After that's over I head to back to the OB's office to be rechecked. I have NO idea what his game plan is.

I had another BPP and got another surprise. The baby has decided that being head down wasn't so fun after trying it out for 2wks. She's transverse again with her head up near my left ribcage. I don't seem as worried about it this time as when I found out she was transverse at 31wks. Thinking about it I probably should be more worried since technically I could have this baby any day now. If she doesn't turn I'll be severely limited in my birthing options.

My weight stayed the same! :o) And the OB asked if I was faking my glucose numbers. lol I was thinking when I left...I would have been ticked if he'd given me that jab at the beginning of the pg. Now it's just a friendly jab. He also asked me if we had a name picked out. I told him we're still discussing it but it was surprise anyways. He acted offended that I wouldn't share it with him and I let him know I had to have ONE secret for him!!! LOL

So today I spent most of the day in my bedroom. I tried the livingroom couch for a bit but it was too hot. Since I was also told to stay out of the heat I headed back into my room with the A/C. I'm not prepared to spend all day in bed and it was BORING! I need to find something to read. I thought about doing some needlework but it's kind of difficult to do while laying on my left side.

I am NOT ready for the baby. It's what I'd had planned to do this week. My room is a mess and laying there looking at it is driving me crazy!!! I also need to get some baby clothes washed and organized. Not to mention going shopping for diapers, nursing pads and sanitary napkins for me. I guess if worse comes to worse I can stop at the store for those on the way home from the hospital. Oh yeah! Guess I should try to get a hospital bag packed too.

Well time to head back into bed. I'll try to update tomorrow.

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