Sunday, June 11, 2006

Meet the kids ~ Updated

I've been wanting to update the Meet the Kids page for a while. It's almost 2yrs old.

Andrew/Drew is 22yo. He currently works temp jobs on and off. In the fall he'll be attending a community college nearby. He's engaged to his girlfriend of 5 yrs. He plays bass guitar in a band. Right now they specialize in fundraisers, grad parties and a few gigs for pay.
Drew's birth story


is 20yo. He will be finishing up his schooling at our local community college this coming year. There is talk of trying out for the school's soccer team this fall if his sciatica doesn't flare up too badly. Most of his time is spent hanging out with his longtime girlfriend of 4yrs.
Pat's birth story coming in December

Michelle/Shelly is 18yo. She's enrolled in the local community college for the fall after taking a year off. She's artistic and spends her freetime decorating/painting her room.
Michelle's birth story

Valerie/Val is 16yo. She will be entering 11th grade in the fall. She does great at school and boosts of never having missed a homework assignment. She is active on the school's volleyball team. She can usually be seen with her bestfriend J.
Val's birth story

Elizabeth/Liz is 15yo. She will be entering 10th grade in the fall. She is active in church and soccer. She's looking forward to a church trip to Norway in July.
Liz's birth story

Luke is 13yo. He will be entering 8th grade in the fall. He loves science, especially nature. He hopes to be a wildlife photographer when he grows up.
Luke's birth story

Carolyn/Carrie is 11yo. She will be entering 6th grade in the fall. She's a tough cookie, having survived cancer and bone marrow transplant in '97 (Drew was her donor) She now lives with Type 2 diabetes and does a great job with it. She likes to spend most of her freetime playing with and carting around her baby sister Danielle. Carrie's story
Carrie's birth story

Jacob/Jake is 9yo. He will be entering 4th grade in the fall. He's a bundle of energy that keeps everyone laughing and shaking their heads. (sometimes at the same time) He's one of my most outgoing kids.
Jake's birth story

Eileen/Bean is 7yo. She will be entering 2nd grade in the fall. She's blossomed socially and academically this year after repeating 1st grade. Her favorite thing is to play with her cousins and friends at church.
Eileen's birth story

Olivia/Livvie is 6yo. She will be entering 1st grade in the fall. She's made a lot of friends in Kindergarten but is looking forward to summer vacation. She's hoping to spend most of it in the pool.
Olivia's birth story

Danielle is 9mos old. She's the happiest, smiliest baby ever (not being biased either!) She's not crawling but manages to get around the house pretty well somehow.
Danielle's birth story


owlhaven said...

Fun to see your kids! Such nice names!

Mary, mom to many

april said...

Oh! They are all so beautiful Danielle is so cute! I guess Luke needs to have a big personality, it looks like he is a bit ournumbered. :) I'm glad you updated, I just looked at the old photos a couple days ago.

april said...

Oh, wait, I meant Jacob! But, those boys better stick together.

Chris said...

When did they all grow up, Kim? Sheesh time needs to slow down awhile.

They are all so beautiful.

chel said...

what a beautiful family Kim! How could you "not" want to have another:-)

Carola said...

I just found your blog and wanted to congratulate you on such a beautiful family!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful family! I just came across your website today and I am just amazed. I will definitely be back. I'll link to you from my site.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful family! I just came across your website today and I am just amazed. I will definitely be back. I'll link to you from my site.

Mama26blessings said...

They are all just gorgeous!! I can't believe how much everyone has changed in the past couple years!!!

khadijateri said...

They're absolutely beautiful!


Deborah Dowd said...

Congratulations on such a wonderful family! It's funny how having a lage family can simultaneously keep you young and age you. I can remember going to the store with my brood (5 at the time, now six) and havig a person come up to me and ask if I was planning to have any more children, and when I interviewed for the job I have now I was asked (by a woman , no less) whether I knew about birth control. There is now no stigma to having no children, but if you have more than two, people make judgments about the type of person you are.
So I say- you go girl! Your kids sound healthy, well-adjusted, and above all loved!

And if you ever get a minute, stop by my cyber kitchen table and sit a spell (sounds like you could stand to put your feet up!)

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful family! Well done you!