Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jake's Birth story

His stats are....

Jacob Allen
August 7, 1996
8lbs 3.5oz

I found out I was pg for Jake 4mos after I had a miscarriage (was 12.5wks along). My EDD was August 7th...10 days before the 1yr anniversary of my m/c. While I was nervous about m/c'ing again I didn't want to get into being micromanaged so quickly into my pregnancy. So I waited until I was 15wks before I had my initial prenatal appt. The practice wasn't very pleased...but oh well. Since I had gestational diabetes(GD) during Carrie's pregnancy, it was decided I'd do a one hr glucose test while I was doing my initial prenatal bloodwork. It came back high and I was placed on the gestational diabetes diet immediately. My sugar stayed controlled through the whole pregnancy. My blood pressure started creeping up around the 26th wk. I was placed on Aldomet, told to monitor it at home, take it easy whenever possible (LOL!). I did try to lay on my left side at least once a day. I'd also try to lay down if my pressure was creeping up.

On August 5th I had my last OB appt. An internal showed my cervix was still thick and closed. We decided I'd be admitted the next evening and started on cervidil (or something similar...can't remember exactly). With the game plan to let it work on effacing and dilating overnight, then starting up the pitocin in the morning. The dr stripped my membranes at the end of my exam.

I'd had contractions on and off all night and the next day. I hoped that they'd keep going and that they were doing something so I could avoid the overnight stay before induction. I got to the hospital at 8, settled in and was examined by a resident. It was one of the most painful exams I've ever had! He measured me to be 50% effaced and 3cm. I said...OH GOOD! That means I can go home (since I was doing on my own what the cervidil was suppose to do). The nurse said...oh no, you're already admitted, we're still going with the plan. I wanted to cry but said and did nothing. I kick myself for not being more sure of myself and assertive...let's just call it a learning moment. Warning...what's to happen next is NOT a fun read. It was my worse delivery ever (had nothing to do with the baby or it's health)

The resident then inserted the showlace like string of cervadil. His insertation technique was about as good as his internal exam one....OUCH!!! About 10'ish, an hour after insertion, I was hit with a doozy of a contraction. Within another hour I was getting slammed with HUGE contractions one ontop of another. My stomach wasn't relaxing between contractions and I was already exhausted. I could barely talk. I finally told Tom this wasn't right and I needed SOMETHING...if only to relax for a second. We called the nurse in and it was decided she'd get the resident. He examined me, talked to the oncall dr from my group (same dr that delivered #6, Luke). She ok'ed some demerol and said to keep her updated.

The gave me a shot of demerol into my butt cheek saying...this is for now. Then they took a syringe and said...this is for later and injected it into my IV line. Knowing what I know now (from dealing with Carrie) I'm pretty sure they injected the demerol into my line instead of into a drip container so it can be administered slowly over time. After that I immmediately went out cold...stone cold. Dr T (OB on call) came in to see me. I only know that because I woke up for a few seconds after asking her if she was going to my church summer conference. As I became semi-alert I realized what I'd asked her, apologized and went back to lala land. Tom told me afterwards that it was scary to watch. I also asked a nurse if she brushed her teeth. I was dreaming I was getting the kids ready for bed and included her in my dream. LOL

I finally came to a bit and complained that it hurt. From talking with Dr T it seems the resident then called her to ask for more pain medication for me. She thought that was odd considering how well I tolerated Luke's birth and how out of it I was. Told them to hold off on the pain meds and she was on her way up to see what was going on. Tom told me there was NO way he'd have allowed them to give me anymore meds!!!

By the time the resident came back from the phone call I was yelling that the baby was coming. It was a madhouse! The nurses were telling me to not push and move myself back on the bed so they could breakdown the bed. I was yelling that I'm not pushing but he was coming anyways. And there was NO way I could move back. Dr T walked in and was MAD! She yelled at the nurses to leave the bed and me alone. Threw on some gloves and caught Jake.

I nuzzled with Jake for a second, told Tom to love on him for me and went out cold again. I remained out cold until noon the next day. When I woke up I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. I hadn't seen Jake since a few minutes after he was born. While waiting for them to bring him to me from the nursery I was talking to my dad on the phone. I told him...what if I don't recognize him!?! I don't feel like I've bonded with him yet. They wheeled him in and told my dad...NO WORRIES! He looks like all his brothers and sisters...he's definitely one of my kids. LOL We bonded just fine after that. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and came home with my blood pressure and sugar levels perfect. He was a happy and content baby.

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