Thursday, March 11, 2010

Break out the Birkenstocks!!!

This week the weather has been BEAUTIFUL! And to the utter joy of my feet I've started wearing my Birkenstocks again. Oh it feels great to not have itchy socks and stuffy sneaks on.

Yesterday we spent most of it outside. Sean and Danielle rode on the ride ons on the front walk while I did pooper scooper duty in the front yard. We HAVE to get Oreo a better place to be outside. Hopefully we'll have a new system worked out soon. I also swept off the front porch, walkway and yard...most of dog hair. You could practically pet the walkway and the grass along it, it was so bad. The hair battle inside is driving me crazy so it was nice to be able to see such an improvement outside. We also jumped on the trampoline for quite a while. With Luke's help I managed to get the last huge hunk of snow and ice off it. It's nice to have a dry and warm (being absorbs the heat) spot to hang out on. Last night the kids were out there in the dark for a looong time.

The kids are already dressed and excited to be outside this morning. I'm putting them off for a bit as I have other plans. Top of the list is to give Oreo a bath, brush him out and douse him in flea powder. I've been brushing and dematting him for the last 4 or 5 days. The job has brought to my attention just how bad his flea problem is. The warmer weather isn't helping either. The poor guy is being driving crazy with the itching. So we'll do some immediate results things this week and go for the long term results next week (payday).

I also want to start concentrating on a room a day. The idea is to deep clean it so then I can start painting. I'd like to get the house appraised by my birthday at the end of the month. Who knows maybe my usual birthday wish may actually be have my house and especially my bedroom cleaned!

Val popped in on Monday. She turned 20 on Tuesday and needed a few things for her day trip to NYC. She'd already picked up what I'd bought her for her birthday at Luke's party (12 pack of Arnold palmer, some breast petals from the dollar store and Aveeno after Christmas I had bought her some Gwen Stefani perfume that was marked down). It was amicable with a slight hint of chilliness. I emailed her about it later and she emailed me back. Apparently I'm not the mom I once was. Oh well, can't please everyone. She came by again last night to get some clothes for her trip to South Carolina today. It was a little bit better. She made a concerted effort and that's a lot from her. Usually once you've offended her, you're done and over.

And now it's the afternoon. The first trip kids are off the bus getting a snack. Michelle's in the bathroom, racing the clock as usual, taking a shower before she's due out the door in less then 20mins. I successfully gave Oreo a bath, took the little ones outside for quite a while, had cereal at the picnic table, jumped on the trampoline and worked on Oreo's matted hair quite a few times. I'm not exactly sure what's for dinner yet. I have a 1hr ride to the city and back to drop off Michelle. Need to get on the kids to do their homework when all they want to do is go outside and try to keep Sean from going outside without supervision. Not to mention a ton of other things. The room of the day was to be the kitchen. I haven't gotten in there for more then 5 mins yet. Maybe after dinner...but not counting on it. *huge sigh*

OK...we're down to 10 mins and counting until take off....need to get off here.

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holly said...

what are breast petals? LOL!!! I am slow.

I am glad to be reading these updates. It's nice that you are back on your blog regularly again. I am on bedrest for 6 more weeks, so keep them coming. It's all I do in my "spare" time, other than be a bedside mom. :)