Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The STUPID Dog!!!

I don't know why I'm still up. At first it was because I had a load of laundry that needed to get done for the morning. Now...I'm just up. I tried to go to bed, really I did. My hands started itching to crochet while I was laying there. So I decided I wouldn't fight it and got back up. But did I pick up my hook? Noooo! I decided I had to come here an talk instead. :o)

All I can say's going to be a loooong summer! In my last post I mentioned Sean letting Oreo out the door. Well he did it again later in the afternoon! And again I was right there and got him leashed up quickly. That means I ended up going on two short runs today. It got us outside for a everything was ok.

Until this evening. Carrie opened the back door to ask Tom for a ride over to church. While she was talking Oreo managed to get through her legs and outside. Carrie ran out after him and caught him quickly. He came in the back door and walked through the house to the front door. The steel door was open but the glass storm door was closed. No problem. Oreo pushed on it hard with his paw and it popped open and out he went. Carrie ran after him again. Then I heard it...a car was coming down the road. I yelled to Eileen to grab his leash and run out there to try to help Carrie. (I was nursing an almost asleep Sean) Eileen jumped up grabbed the leash and ran out the door. The car drove by and I watched to see if Oreo was chasing it....I didn't see him. I listened to hear if the car had to slow down or didn't. Carrie was at the top of the driveway and Eileen was now at the bottom of the front porch stairs. Suddenly Eileen changed directions and ran into the house yelling....Oreo got hit by the car!!! I jumped up, dumped Sean on the couch and ran up to the road. The SUV had pulled into the next door neighbors driveway and was turning around. I couldn't see Oreo. Carrie said he was down the road. He had rolled after the car hit him and then started running. He came running through the hedgerow and ran up to Luke who was standing on the front porch. No limping, whimpering, tender spots, or labored breathing...PHEW!

We talked to the driver for a bit who we happened to know. (Her son and Jake were once best friends). I told her I think the dog was ok. She responds with...yeah cause I was driving so slow. (BULL!) I ask if they were ok. She says yeah, as long as there's no damage to my car. I look at the front of her has these HUGE grille guard bars over the front of it. I observed that I doubted he could do any damage through those bars. But you bet your bippy she pulled out of our driveway, drove down the street a few feet and got out and inspected it herself. Knowing her I'll probably get a bill for some damage she found.

So you'd think having a close encounter with a car would put a damper on his car chasing drive...not so! He was on his line and started to get excited as the woman pulled away. I yelled at Oreo and he calmed down but the next car to drive by was way too enticing to him. He tried to listen to me and not run but as the car got in front of the house he couldn't contain himself any longer and ran as far as his line would allow him. UGH!! I have to start working with him more.

Now that I've started reading on different dog training philosophies, I'm nodding off.... so off to bed I go.


truth said...

Sounds like it could be a long summer.

Denise said...

Yikes. Glad to hear he wasn't hurt.