Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A looong night and day

It's Sean's turn to be sick. He was up at 2:30 and burning up. I pulled him into bed which in hindsight was a mistake because as he calls it...he pluked. So I've basically been up since 3am. I've also been holding and nursing Sean continuously since then. I just got him to stay asleep on the couch so I could go potty and grab something more to eat...I was starving!

Jake and Eileen stayed home today too. Eileen missed the first trip bus and then threw up a little before the 2nd trip bus came. I'm not sure what exactly is/was wrong with Jake. I just know he slept a good part of the day and was pretty low key. Danielle is sick again too. Her nose is running non stop and she has a yucky cough.

Now I'm scared. I can NOT be sick!!! We're working our biggest concession at the dome for the sweet 16 tournament on Thursday and Saturday.

And Sean's up again

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