Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A slow down

Yesterday was a sort of a take it easy day. I didn't get anything major accomplished...just got through the day (which can be a lot in and of itself). Danielle and Sean were pretty needy yesterday morning so we hung out for the day. I don't blame them, I tended to put them off a lot last weekend while working in my room. So we read books and played at Sean's favorite place...pbskids.org. Ask him to say his ABCs and he does... A, B, C, PBSkids dot org!

Michelle had to go into work at her usual 4pm which means we have to leave by 3:30 at the latest. I had us leaving a little earlier because Tom hadn't gotten gas the night before and the van was on E! What I didn't realize until I got in the van was that it was beyond E! As I pulled out of the driveway I said...I hope we can make it to the village (3 miles)...well we didn't. Luckily we had just turned off our road when the van started sputtering (less then a mile from home). I called Tom who left work immediately (first day of getting out at 3:30 lol). Michelle tried calling into work for almost 45mins and got a constant busy signal. She had to go to the bathroom so decided to walk home while we waited for Tom. The amazing thing....only ONE person stopped to ask if Eileen and I were ok...our next door neighbor. The REALLY amazing thing...one of the people who just kept on driving was someone I know well! He just smiled and waved as he passed by us sitting in the van on the side of the road. Who knows, maybe he was late for a very important date. So Tom went home, got the gas can, ran to the gas station and got us back on the road. Michelle was 80mins late to work and I was glad I'd decided NOT to bring the little ones with me.

Between my stuffy nose and the time change it was hard to keep my eyes open on the way home. Luckily I had Eileen with me to keep me going. I jumped onto my bed in my nice clean room shortly after dinner....for just a few minutes. Before I knew it, Danielle and Sean joined me and then Tom. Eileen had mentioned she had had problems with a math test and needed help correcting it....so in she entered. We all laid there working, talking, playing and relaxing. It brought a smile to my face since that's some of my fondest memories of growing up....relaxing with my parents on their bed.

Olivia asked to go with me to pick up Michelle. At first I was going to say wait until tomorrow but then I figured...why put her off. It'll be good to have some one on one time with her. On the way to the van I realized she wouldn't want to come tomorrow anyways since American Idol is on. lol We got into the van and her mouth went nonstop. :o) Her first thing was to ask if she could be homeschooled. It's been a greater topic of discussion with her lately. I asked her why she wanted to be homeschooled. She had 3 reasons....

1) She wouldn't have to wake up early every morning. She always feels sick when she wakes up early.

2) The bus smells and it makes her feel even sicker to ride on it.

3) The kids in her grade are gross. They are already starting to date and have all this drama going on.


I'm getting a slow start to the day. There are beautiful blue skies out there and I want to take advantage of it. I'd thought to do some laundry and see how the septic manages. So the plan is to throw in a load for the dryer, then a load of bedding to go on the line and then another for the dryer. If I stay on top of it and change it out as soon as it's done it should get almost 2 loads washed in the time the dryer dries a load. I need to get to the store and buy some vacuum cleaner bags. Seems the grocery bag full of them is missing. Probably thrown away by a kid in a mad cleaning spree.

Grrrr! While gathering sheets for the next load of laundry, Sean let Oreo out the door. Thankfully he's started coming quickly when he realizes you have his leash and will take him for a walk. Only this time we went for a run...down the street along our property and the neighbors a bit, then turn around and back past the house to the other property line taking breaks for pottying. Luckily the walk doesn't have to be long to be satisfying to him...as long as he gets to go along the road for a bit. Now I'm really ready for a nap and the laundry is still waiting.

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