Thursday, March 18, 2010

I don't want to be IRISH!

Getting Sean dressed today I threw a short sleeved green shirt at him and said...Here put this shirt on and then you'll be Irish. Sean was totally offended. I don't want to be Irish. I tried to convince him that it was ok and fun to be Irish. NO!!!! I DON'T WANT TO BE IRISH!!!! I reached into his tote and brought out a green striped long sleeve shirt and you want to wear this shirt instead? His answer...SURE! and off he went.

Tom's a little disappointed that there's no corned beef and cabbage today. Me, I'd like to have it because it's yummy. Unfortunately it's just too expensive for as many people as we have.

One good thing about running out of gas on Monday....I got my census forms filled out. Normally I'd just stick them into the pile on my computer desk and forget about them. But I'd gotten the mail just before getting in the van. So I took the down time and got them done. It went right into the mailbox when I got home.

Allison stopped by today...she got a peek at the baby again. This time they found out the gender. My grandbaby is a granddaughter!! woohooo! Not that I wanted one sex over the other. They have no clue on a name...haven't even discussed it. So I can now get rid of all the clothes that are too small for Sean....or can I? I tried to today and there were outfits I really really wanted to squirrel away for no reason then that they were cute and I liked them. And I wonder why I have so much clutter.

Danielle has a mind like a steel trap. It amazes me what she remembers. Today she was begging me to go to where Michelle used to work. Since Michelle is working at the only place she's ever worked, we were lost. So she tried again... Where we walked and they had a playground. Finally after a few more attempts to explain the place Michelle figured it out...she meant the college! She wanted to go on the nature/walking trail there. I assured her after the mud dried up a bit we'd try to go.

Yesterday I ended up buying the most expensive vacuum cleaner bags in the world! I stopped at the dollar store for them since they use to carry them...not anymore. I spent $19 anyways. Then it was onto the Dollar General to see if they had any....nope but again I spent $19. I got the most awesome deals and want to go back! Shoes I thought were 70% off, rang up 90% off. So Eileen and Olivia have corduroy clogs for $.70 each. Danielle and Sean have really decent size 12 sneaks for $1 each. Sean is now the proud owner of 18 prs of size 4 fruit of the loom white briefs. (6prs for $2.50). So then it was onto the village hardware store. They had them! And again, I spent $19 in there. The really funny thing desperate as I was to buy the bags....I haven't used them yet!

Tomorrow I have to go to school for one of the kids. I'm so afraid that I'm going to get busy and forget about it.

Hmmmmm...I hit the publish post button and went promptly to bed. It never published.

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Denise said...

Don't get rid of those adorable little boy clothes!! Your next grandbaby might be a grandson!