Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh what a weekend!

We had a great weekend! I was a bit worried on Friday evening though. I had gone out for the day with Della...nothing too stressful or strenuous...just meandering through the stores and chatting. BUT I ended up shutting down after dinner. I couldn't get myself to get up and do anything. Finally about 9:30 I grabbed Danielle and Sean and went to bed for the night.

I haven't been sleeping well for the last year or so. I have a period every night when I'm awake...usually sometime in the 3am hour. I toss and turn and doze off here and there for a few minutes but mostly I'm awake. Well a 9:30 bedtime doesn't help. I was up and raring to go by 5am Saturday morning. I threw in a few loads of laundry, did dishes, cleaned bathrooms and picked up the kitchen floor all before anyone else woke up. The plan was to leave by noon, 1:00 at the latest. I was doing good and was on track until I realized that if I'm going swimming...I had to SHAVE! lol So we were a little late leaving but it was only half an hour or so.

Our first stop was the chinese buffet for lunch. Danielle and Sean were SO good! It made for a very pleasant lunch. Tom had everyone cracking up when he learned that the kids call the flap of skin on their elbow a wenis. He looked at his and said....WOW! I have a BIG wenis!!! Look at it! (yes, we are all 8yo lol)

After a quick run into the dollar store we were on our way to the hotel. Tom ran in and checked us in. When he came out he was a bit unnerved. I'd reserved the room with the maximum people the site would allow....2 adults and 4 kids. It was a suite which had 2 double beds and a sofa bed so room wasn't an issue. What the issue was is that they gave us 6 wristbands that allowed the wearer to enter the pool area and 6 passes that got you into the evening manager's reception and huge breakfast buffet in the morning. I wasn't worried about the passes but the bands for the pool might be a problem. So in we went and explained our situation..... 7 kids, 2 adults. They said maximum occupancy according to the fire code is 6 and that was the most they could give out per room. They also said....the managers reception and breakfast is for ALL The hotel guests. And that we may not all be able to use the pool at once. Tom was a bit on edge because he thought we had to get another room (not an option) or we were going to get in trouble. We checked the pool area on our way to our one was monitoring the door, there was no lifeguard to "worry" about and hardly anyone in there had their wristbands on...problem solved. It took a bit but Tom eventually relaxed.

Unbeknown to us the hotel had a luau planned for the evening. There were snacks, pizza and tons of fruity refreshments both for the kids and the adults. They had a dance party with a DJ, a mechanical surf board and some pay for fun things that we ignored. We had lots of fun. After the luau we went up to the room, sang Happy Birthday to Olivia and had her strawberry cupcakes she'd made. The kids tried to organize a game of Apples to Apples but they kept getting distracted. We had lots of snacks with microwaved corn dogs and pizza rolls for a late dinner. Eventually we all settled in to watch The Incredibles on tv and then to bed.

I slept lousy!!! It was hot and dry in the room (even though the thermostat was down as low as it could go and the window was open). I was worried that Danielle and Sean would fall off the bed or were woke to check on them. I saw Jake sit up about 6:15. I grabbed the chance and joined him in the living room. We watched the movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids until everyone was awake and ready for breakfast. As we came into the lobby for breakfast we saw that the pool was closed (I think someone was sick in it the night before) so our swimming before leaving plans were shot. Instead we just relaxed in our room, watching Happy Feet until it was noon and time to check out.

From our hotel we went to my parents' house which was only a few miles away. My mom had birthday cards for Luke and Olivia. We stayed until shortly after 2. Everyone was getting hungry so we headed to McD's near the roller skating rink to have lunch and let Danielle and Sean have some fun on the playground. We knew the roller skating rink was close but we didn't realize it was right behind the McD's were at! I walked Danielle and Sean over so we wouldn't have to buckle and unbuckle them if they rode in the van (had to drive on a busy road to get to the roller rink parking lot).

I hadn't realized it but Olivia had never been rollerskating before. The poor thing fell a bazillion times....and hard! She did improve greatly by the end of the night. Danielle and Sean did ok but they were more interested in the game room. I was a bit uneasy on my feet at first but like riding a never totally leaves. I was back to my old skating self in no time. Which is a good thing since I had to support Sean, Danielle and Olivia too. (As a kid I lived a few blocks from a roller rink and I wasted a lot of time there). The rink closed at 6:30....just in time to get Michelle from work.

We got to the store about 15mins before it was to close, so I ran in for a sec. When I came out Tom had everyone out of the van and running sprints in the parking lot. They were having a ball racing each other. Even Sean and Danielle got into the action. Me, I was a party pooper and stayed a spectator. Michelle got out and we headed back to McD's for dessert (and Michelle's dinner) to eat on the way home. The kids got to pick whether they wanted a cone, sundae, parfait or apple pies. I chose a sundae for Sean and Danielle for neatness sake. Sean took two bites of his sundae and started screaming for a SNOW CONE!!! Luke was a sweetheart and switched with him (but first he ate half the ice cream off the cone like I asked him to...what a trooper! lol).

We all dragged ourselves out of the van and into the house. It wasn't long before almost everyone was in bed sound asleep. Everyone woke up Monday morning quite sore. Poor Olivia was the worse. She missed school Monday and Tuesday because of it. She says it was worth it and wants to do it again. Jake asked if he could have a skating party too. So I say it was a success.

Now if only my camera's batteries hadn't died! I'd have a lot of cute pictures to share too.

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