Thursday, March 04, 2010

For the last time

We did beer pouring for the last time this season on Tuesday. After pouring for the Villanova game this game (vs St. John's) was a piece of cake with attendance at just over 26000. We will be doing a few more food concessions before the end of the school year. I'm excited for the NCAA tournament game days at the end of the month. :oD Now we have to figure out new ways to do some fundraising for the summer. Opening an Etsy store is still being looked at.

Tom and the kids saved Luke's birthday brownie sundaes until I got home. YUM! I had ridden with Mikey B to beer pouring so he stopped in for some too. Val was here until just before I got home. I'd suggested to Tom that he call her and invite her over since I wouldn't be here. I guess she called to talk to me but I'd already left for beer pouring. They had a good visit with her which is important to me....she is still their sister whether things are good between her and I or not.

I've been talking to Pat a lot lately. He put in his 2 wk notice at his present position (it's a long term temp job). He's been accepted to a permanent position as a health aide at the hospital. If he goes to school for the medical field, work will pay for his schooling. He's thinking of going into radiology. He's trying to buy a new car and give us our's back (and I can't wait!!). I'm hoping it'll happen in the next week or two. Him and Alex are going like gangbusters on the wedding plans. They've booked a photographer and just got the place for the wedding reception. It's a lodge at a local park. They'll most likely have it catered, although I'd gladly do the food for them and they know it. He mentioned Danielle being a flowergirl but they haven't officially said it.

Through the grapevine (named Pat) I also learned that Allison and Drew booked a reception place. Also a lodge but at a different local park. Unfortunately with such short notice they couldn't get the original date they wanted (June 6th...their anniversary). It's now going to be May 15th. Amazingly (and unbeknown to them at the time)it's one of the few weekends I have open that month. We have the spring conference, open weekend (now their wedding), T and E's wedding, and then the soccer weekend. So I guess things for their wedding should be kicking into high gear soon. Pat and I both said we'd do the food. I'm not sure what they were thinking of doing. Oh yeah...Drew started a new job 2wks ago working with one of my nephews. It's nice to see him getting regular hours (unlike Dunkin Donuts where they were all over the place) and getting 40+ of them each week!

So that brings us to Liz. She's emailing her boss now to see if she can leave Norway in time to come home for Drew's wedding. I asked her if she would be going back, she said probably not. It's too hard on her. I'm sure they won't be happy but oh well. I looked at plane tickets. It'll be a bit under $500 (plus tax and fees) for a round trip ticket. For a one way one...over $1200!!! That's ridiculous! Sean and Danielle are really excited to hear that she could be home for good really soon. They were dancing around the living room over the thought this afternoon.

This Saturday is Olivia's 10th birthday. It's also the one year anniversary of Billy's suicide. We're going away for the night. As of right now we're thinking...chinese buffet for lunch, hotel for swimming and soaking in the hot tub, evening reception that the hotel does, more pool/hot tub time, snacks and dinner in the room with games and all night fun, not much sleeping being planned. Looks like we'll be taking Michelle to work on Sunday, killing a few hours (maybe lunch at McD's and the playplace?) and then going rollerskating from 4 - 6:30...finishing just in time to pick up Michelle from work at 7. The kids are really excited. It's helped keep everyone's mind occupied.

There's a heavy cloud hanging over this place. Everyone misses Billy so much. I still walk into the kitchen, look out the back door window and expect to see his trailer out there, only to be surprised to see it gone. I've also jumped up to start a conversation with Billy when I hear the back door, only to have it be the cat batting the handle or the wind. I can't even imagine what Tom's feeling or dealing with right now. I keep trying to not start crying but the last day or so I haven't been too successful. I found a wish list that Olivia had written. #1 was....go to Florida. #2...Have Uncle Billy come back to life. #3...get Carrie's tv and I can't exactly remember the next 2 things. Oh how I wish I wish.


Thia said...

Praying for this weekend. hugs

Anonymous said...

Many prayers that this weekend goes well and it can help heal up your hearts a little.


NannyOgg said...

{{{{ HUGS }}}}