Thursday, March 18, 2010

So much for that plan

Danielle was out in the hall screaming for me at 6:15 this morning. Very unlike her. When I picked her up I understood why...she was burning up! Poor thing. Guess that clinches school meeting for me today. Besides, Michelle isn't home yet (went with Val to a friend's house for the night) so not sure who'd have babysat anyways. At least I didn't forgot to call the school and cancel. Just wish I didn't feel like they're thinking I'm making excuses to avoid the meeting. I'm still stuffed up from cleaning my room and am fighting a headache. Hopefully I'm not getting a sinus infection. I have too much going on in the next week or so to feel sick.

I was so excited last night. Michelle got out of work at 4 and the kids didn't have anywhere they needed to be. I thought it would be the perfect time for Tom and I to go to dinner. Michelle had bought us a gift card for Red Lobster or Olive Garden for Christmas and we haven't used it yet. I called Tom to ask him if he wanted to go and then I remembered....he's on call! GRRRRRR! We talked about going next week but I'm not going to be home all day Thursday or Saturday. (concession stand at the dome for the NCAA tournament). It's frustrating, on the surface it looks like we won't have any free time until JUNE!

If Tom wasn't on call, this weekend was gearing up for potential fun. Luke, Jake and Carrie are going to be gone for the youth weekend. Eileen and Olivia are going to my sister's. Michelle will probably have plans but we don't need to worry about her anyways. That leaves Tom, Danielle, Sean and I at home! Thinking on it more, I guess we can work around the on call thing (unless he really gets called out). Maybe feed the little ones and get them to bed at a decent time. Then we can have our own dinner and a movie at home. Hmmmm a really nice salad, some crablegs or a steak with asparagus and baked potatoes on the side. Last time we had the opportunity to do it and tried it, Drew stopped by for a visit just as we were about to eat! lol

Pat and Alex bought a new car this week! They're planning on putting new tires on our car and detailing it. I guess we should see it this weekend. Oh yeah, it's Thursday! Pat's starting his new job today. He will now become a state employee. :oD He'll have health insurance again!

Poor Sean, he's lost. Danielle has gone back to bed and he's either trying to nurse or wandering around looking for something to do. Guess I'll go and read him his new book from Dolly Parton.

One last thought before I leave....Perimenopause SUCKS!

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