Monday, March 29, 2010

Well I got my wish

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and hugs...they mean a lot to me.

I got to sit next to Olivia all day and give her hugs and kisses. The school counselor called me. Actually Della called me to tell me the counselor was looking for me and I called the counselor back. What can I say...I had a quite a few phone calls this morning. When I saw the school's number pop up I ignored the beep because I figured it was the nurse calling to see why Carrie was home today. I knew when I ignored it that I'd probably get "in trouble" for doing it.

Anyways, the counselor was telling me that Olivia never made it into class. She got off the bus and her teacher found her crying at her locker and sent her down to the counselor. The counselor couldn't get her composed enough to send to class and she wanted to know what I wanted to do. Of course I said I'd come and get her immediately.

The poor girl has been crying all day, hasn't smiled or done too much and isn't even making eye contact with anyone. I brought her with me when I drove Michelle to work and ran to a few stores. We talked a lot but still....she's not right. Right now she keeps trying to sit in the hall and not go to bed. I finally had her climb into Sean's little bed at the foot of our bed. Hopefully she'll fall asleep quickly since being tired doesn't help anything. I feel bad because I got stern with her tonight and told her she can't continue like this. That Billy wouldn't want to see her like this. (she knows that) and that it's not doing anyone any good to continue. She knows she has to go to school tomorrow. I just hope she can really do it.

All the kids came over today. Not all at once, Michelle had to work until 9. Pat and Alex had to leave because Alex had to be at work by 11. We had make your own pizzas, a really nice salad and cantaloupe slices. Pat gave me a Rubik's cube (said I could beat Catherine's time ROFL!) and a Mancala game. Drew gave me a bottle of wine and beautiful white tulips. Michelle gave me an Xbox game...Final Fantasy XIII!!! Now if only I had time to spend hours and hours playing it. Maybe in June lol.

Ok....the kids have Julie and Julia up on Netflix and are bugging me to come sit with them and pay full attention to it.

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