Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She's still in bed

I tried to wake Olivia and she stirred for a bit then fell back to sleep. Tried again halfheartedly a second time and again she didn't say much and then fell asleep. I knew I wouldn't push her to go. Driving home from the stores last night I noticed she really did horrible. She's pale and has huge dark circles under her eyes. I don't think it'll hurt her to miss just one more day. I know she has to get back into the everyday stuff but just one more day....

We ended up calling it a night earlier then originally planned. The Netflix kept crapping out on us (stupid dsl!) so the movie was taking forever. While waiting for it to start up for the third time, Sean woke up. So at about 12:15 I said I was going into bed with Sean. Olivia was still awake. Grrrr I'm not sure what time it was exactly when I woke up for good this morning. I know I tossed and turned quite a bit before I finally got up. When I came out into the livingroom it was just after 4. I was about to jump on the computer when I remembered my new game! So I got a few hours of playing in. I'm still not through all the tutorials, but I'm getting there.

I'd thought to visit my parents today but then I remembered I have an appt for noon at the school for Carrie. And then the ped's office called to remind me of an appt for Carrie at 4. Figures, Michelle's schedule changed this week and she has today off, yet I still have to drive into the city. It always seems to happen like that.

One of the stores Olivia and I visited last night was the craft store. I wanted to pick up different yarn for Allison's wedding shawl (and use a 50% off coupon). Olivia was petting all the yarn and mentioned learning a bit more crocheting. She can do a mean chain stitch but hasn't wanted to move on from that. So she just makes chains a mile long then pulls them out and starts again. Maybe we'll work on it today. :o)

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noelle said...

There are patterns of things to make with chain stitch too. My daughter made a flower but I don't remember how now. Hope she is better today!