Saturday, March 13, 2010

I can't breathe!

Thank goodness for Claritin otherwise I'd be wheezing something fierce too. WHY can't a breathe? Allergies...I've been cleaning my room! All this time saying I'm going to, I'm going to or I want to and I've finally done it. I'm not completely done but I'm hoping to finish it up today. No sense putting it off and making myself sick at another time. Plus I know if it's not completely done, what I did get done will be undone quickly.

I have a lot of clothes to wash and I'm dreading it. Most of it is stuff I wasn't sure what to do with to begin with. Should I save it for Danielle? Give away? Trash? Where I would've automatically gotten rid of stuff that's too small for Danielle and Sean, I'm saving for Drew and Allison's baby. They'll be having an u/s on the 19th and have decided to try to find out what the sex is (originally Allison didn't want to, but everyone else did so she's going with it). If everything goes according to plan I'll know which set of clothes to save and be able to ditch the other (minus a few special pieces of course lol). I'm thinking I may need to go to the laundromat to get this done. Our yard is pretty saturated with all the snow melt and the septic is running slow. But I'm not 100% committed on it yet.

The other projects in there are totes of craft supplies I need to decide what to do with. A filing cabinet that hasn't been used in quite a while and boxes of papers to weed through. I haven't decided if these projects need to be done to feel done in there. I'm thinking at least the paper aspect should be as it's easy to get away from me. Plus it'll allow me to declutter my computer desk a bit.

This morning I was laying in bed thinking...If I got out the ceiling paint, it would improve this room a lot! I'm pretty sure I even have the paint for the room down in the basement (bought new paint a few times but haven't used it...oldest stuff isn't usable). So maybe I'll paint before I move onto another room. I'm afraid that if I don't, it'll never get done. (it's the one room that's never been painted since the house was built...20+ yrs ago)

Not only are my sinuses suffering from this. Everything else is. While I'm cleaning, the little ones are out and about uncleaning everything else. I was deep in some clothes sorting when I heard the telltale noise of marker on the wall. I yelled and jumped up to see Danielle running down the hall. She managed to decorate quite a bit before I came to my senses and realized what the noise was. *heavy sigh* Earlier in the morning Sean had poured cereal for the neighborhood, luckily into bowls. We cleaned/ate them up after school. :o) It was so hard to stop working last night because I was worried I wouldn't start back up again. That meant that other then snacking, the kids didn't eat dinner before they left for activity club. Dinner was ready when they got home at 9pm though...I was starving!!! lol

Ah daylight savings time! I love it and hate it at the same time. I hate it because it messes up the kids for a while. It'll be hard to get them to bed. I love it because there's more daytime in the evening!!! Plus Tom gets out of work a half an hour him even more daylight at home. He also goes in half an hour us a less hectic morning routine. He's out the door before the kids need to use the bathroom instead of them waiting for him to be done so they can get in there.

Well, people are starting to stir. I need to go grab something to eat so I can get back in my room before my butt takes over my brain and convinces it to stay in this comfy chair instead. There's a sister's get together at church today and it would be nice if I could finish up, wash up and get over there sometimes today!

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