Saturday, September 18, 2004

1st grade is SO hard!

Poor Eileen. She was in hysterics Thurs night because she didn't want to go to school on Fri. She had her very first spelling test and she was terrified she'd do bad on it. She is afraid of making a mistake so doesn't even try most things. I tried to reassure her that even if she got ALL of them wrong it was long as she TRIED to get them right. Amazingly, she got on the school bus ok this morning. I was so worried she would balk at the bus stop. She brought her test home tonight. She got 3 out of 10 right and didn't even try to do the bonus word. (test was an, ad, at families with a bonus word I promised her we'd study more in the future. I didn't realize she was having such a hard time remembering letters and sounds. :o(

Carrie tried to stay home from Sunrise Scholars. I really had to work her over to get her to go. Almost cost me a $.55 ice cream! I'd hate to have gotten into THAT habit this early in the game. I asked her if she could at least go for the full week the very first week of the program LOL (it's a reading assistance ride in on 1st trip instead of 2nd, so have an extra hour in school to work on reading) If this keeps's going to be a looooong year! UGH!!

Eileen and Jake picked zinnias from my front garden today and brought them to their teachers. They even remembered the busdriver and Jake also remembered John (not sure exactly who that is). LOL Of course Olivia had to have flowers too so I have some sitting in a measuring cup on my kitchen table. We're so sophisticated! ;o)

Tomorrow we're suppose to go to the mall. Michelle needs her senior pictures done, so we're heading to Sears. If I'm not mistaken it takes 2 wks for the pictures to come back to the store. Sometimes they come in earlier (Pat's did) She needs them for Friday, October 1st which is 13 days from Saturday. Yep, cutting it very close here. It's not MY fault! I was going to take her in August and then she came down with Poison Ivy! If worse comes to worse we can try to take a high definition picture on my digital and get a sheet or two from Wal-mart's picture machine. Luckily our district isn't strict on where and how you get them long as you get them done!!! Unfortunately, this year the kids will be VERY lucky if they get a yearbook at all. Our district is on a contingency budget which has NO room for extracurricular activities. Not a fun time in the neighborhood.

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