Sunday, September 19, 2004

Did you know.....

What today is? It's half way to St Patrick's day! LOL A local restaurant had a sign announcing they were having a party to celebrate it today.

Looks like this blog has finally started to show up on search engines. I have to laugh at some of the keywords that bring people here. This week it's been... college girls sexlives (each of the keywords was in the same sentence!!), kid rock's marinade recipe (no I do NOT have his recipe), how to resize a livestrong bracelet (Carrie wishes!), pool liner beadlock, and players wearing livestrong pic. Makes me feel like blathering is a keyword around here. LOL

Neighbor J update. The goings on next door finally made it into the news last night and this mornings paper. He is out on bail and came by to talk to Tom tonight. I felt sorry for him. Yes, I know he broke the law but still. He's such a gentle natured man and kind of simple of mind. He started crying in front of me which I knew he was not comfortable with. I didn't stick around too much so that he could relax a bit.

The story is that a state trooper went to his house looking for one of his siblings. While knocking on his door he smelled pot and walked into the back yard. He found J and his friend in his barn harvesting some plants. Who'd have thunk a trooper'd be standing in your yard at just the right time!?!? I'm not defending the guy's actions, he needs to obey the law whether he agrees with it or not. But he did seem to have terrible luck. (I'm claiming no comment on the whole legalization of pot issue) I'd be a little more defensive of the guy if he'd only had a few plants, but they found 270 of them according to the paper. He said he was surprised by how many there were...he just kept planting them...didn't count them. (guess it's like how we end up with 150 tomato plants and more tomatoes then we can least they're legal though) It finally hit him how many there were when they brought in the DOT dump truck to haul it away. Anyways...he's looking at the possiblity of 7yrs in prison for this. How sad.

Drew brought Allison home this weekend. Tomorrow (Monday) is her birthday. They didn't get to do anything like they'd hoped to but it was nice having her here. Funny when I thought of the kids growing up I imagined my household getting smaller, not bigger. LOL Guess I was WRONG!

Drew has not been fun to live with lately and this weekend was rough at times. I walked out of the house Saturday night to cool off while I sat with Tom around the fire pit. It wasn't going to happen...Tom and I got into a pretty heated arguement about a bunch of things that have been lying around. UGH!!! I hate when we do that but it seems to have to be done every so often. My BIL said he thought Drew needed professional help. I was glad to hear it as it's been my thoughts lately too. Things are getting beyond anyone's and especially Drew's control. I know he doesn't like to be like this. We really need to get him on our medical insurance this week!

Tonight I didn't feel like making dinner. I'd made a HUGE one the night before that we finished eating for lunch and snack today (leftover broccoli soup, 8qts of chili, huge pan of chicken stirfry and 12 cups of basmati rice). I'd also been hankering for some pizza. We normally have pizza a lot but without a working oven it's been a rare meal lately. Price Chopper has a special of a lg pizza and 50 wings for $16 so we ran there and bought 2 orders. While there I also bought buy 1 get 1 free angel food cakes and half gallons of eddy's ice cream (well it's not QUITE half gallon anymore). So before Allison went back to school we had a little party for her. She was a little surprised I think, seeing as we didn't decide to do it until 5:30. She had to be back to school (an hour from our house) by 8:45. It was YUMMY and I want MORE!!!

Well, it's back to the old grindstone in the morning. Something I'm not looking forward to. Carrie has an opthamologist appt. Think good thoughts that her cataracts haven't bloomed and need to be dealt with.

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