Saturday, September 25, 2004

Busy and exhausting day

The dump truck full of stone was delivered by 9:45 yesterday morning. That left the rest of the day opened to me to get my shopping done. Pat wasn't happy that I needed the car...being Friday and all. He was hoping to do something with Jess after school and asked me to get home by 3. ROFL!!! Yeah sure Pat...whatever you say!

Liz (was home sick with a headache), Olivia and I left the house about 11:15 and we got home at 5:45. I was BEAT!!! I felt like I could barely walk and my back was killing me already. We had a minor problem when I pulled up. Because of all the new stone in the driveway, we can't use it. So I had to park in the road and we had to carry the groceries even further then normal. The kids kept mentioning that I bought a LOT of stuff! I can't get it through their skulls that it takes a lot of food, which equates to a lot of money to feed them. Liz kept making comments while we were shopping too. Saying...You have a LOT of food here mom. You are spending a LOT of money mom. and asking...How much did Dad get paid today anyways? Like it's any of her business. LOL She was actually embarrassed in one store at how overflowing the cart was. At least the comments from strangers didn't happen to add to her embarrassment.

I got all the cold stuff put away and then I collapsed for a while. It was sad to have to throw a 1/4 of a boneless ham away that was bought last shopping trip. I didn't realize ham could go bad like that. ICK! Guess I should have stopped putting off making the scalloped potatoes and ham. It puts a little kink in my idea of how many meals I have...but I think we'll get over it quickly. LOL I'm going to have to turn the downstairs freezer on again. I have stuff I want to put in the freezer and the freezer on the fridge is a danger to anyone who opens it now.

The driveway is looking good already. There's still a lot of work to do though. I'm avoiding going out there to work. My back is still tender this morning and anyways...I have a ton of things to do in here. My livingroom and kitchen have groceries bags laying all over, hunks of meat are waiting to be processed into ready made meal bags and kids have to be dealt with and driven places (Carrie has a birthday party, Jake wants to go to CC's house, and I'm waiting for Michelle and Val to call for a ride).

I'm working on my food blog on and off and hope to have the main thing published in a few hours. (depends on how much physical work I put before it lol) It's a bit of work to do but I'm hoping that once I have a system set up things will be easier. The setup/layout of web pages and such give me such a headache and eat up most of my time....just deciding on a template for the thing took forever! I was thinking it was going to be "private" but seems that some people want to see it. Oh well, I have to admit...the subject of food is my favorite and I enjoy reading about how others deal with it and what they feed their family. Maybe I'm not so weird afterall (or only the weird ones are attracted to my site! kidding! really!) I'll post a direct link to my food blog later today after the main part is posted.

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