Saturday, September 18, 2004

Tom made it home ok

He got home Thursday night, around 11pm. It's a good thing too because if he'd waited to come home Friday morning. He would have missed all the fun here today. I personally slept through it all! LOL At 9am I tried to lay Olivia back down in the little boy's bed (she'd fallen asleep in my lap after all the kids got on teh school bus). I was hoping to get her down and then get some things done around here today. Instead I fell asleep right along with her! We ended up sleeping until 12:30pm. What did I find when I woke up....

State troopers were all over the neighbor's yard. They'd followed trails he'd cut through his weeds and came into our yard (he'd finally befriended Tom a few months ago, after living next door to us for 15yrs). The troopers asked Tom and my BIL if they had a "business arrangement" with the neighbor. They also checked out our two sheds, almost falling down greenhouse and other areas. It seems they were busting the neighbor for growing pot.

While I slept, the troopers flew a helicopter over the three properties (neighbor, our's, and Inlaws...not lived on). Tom said they were circling for 1 or 2 hrs. They flew VERY low and hovered over our firepit for a while. Olivia and I did get to see the helicopter take off from the neighbor's field at the end of the day. It's an awesome sight!

They had K-9 units, 4 wheelers, and tons of people on foot. They brought in a huge DOT dump truck but we're not sure what for exactly. We kept joking that we needed to go over and get BIL's ladder that's over there. Then also tell them that we were picking up the dirt bike, stereo, and wide screen tv that we lent them. We're sick sick people. LOL The kids got into the action after school. Liz suggested that if I wanted to get rid of a couple would be a good time to do it. She said I could take them over to the neighbors and tell the police that I was the babysitter, dropping of J and D's kids. (they're really childless) I asked Liz if she was going to volunteer to be one of those kids? She didn't see the humor in that. Oh well!

My nosiness is driving me crazy! I'm wondering HOW they found out. What about his she involved or just an innocent victim. What did they find and how much? Where was it? What if some of it ended up on our property!?!?! I've been searching online news sites to see if the story is written far nothing.

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