Sunday, September 26, 2004

A little fun in the middle of the night

The kids were just about to go to bed (Luke was already asleep on the couch) when all the lights went off! Poor Allison was down in the basement at the time...trying to finish her laundry. We found a flashlight and saved her! :o)

We decided it was a great time for a party! So I got out the glow in the dark stick bracelets I had bought at the dollar store on Friday. They had 6 bracelets in a pack so everyone had their own bracelet. The kids also went and found their mini flashlights on a necklace and fiber optic lamps my aunt gave them on labor day (So THANK YOU AUNT SHARON!)

Luckily a few hours before that happened we'd put away quite a bit of the groceries. Unfortunately the things left laying on the floor still were canned things. So I scurried to make the floor safe. We realized that it was brighter outside then it was inside because of the clear skies and the high almost full moon. It was then decided that we'd join Tom out back at his fire.

The kids grabbed a few blankets and I grabbed three cans of pringles. LOL Can't have a party without snacks! We sat around the fire, ate chips and sang silly songs. After an hour I brought the younger kids in. Tom and the older ones followed about half an hour later.

Liz on down camped out in the livingroom. I fell asleep in the chair with Olivia in my lap. The lights came on around 1AM.

Today we my my neice E's birthday. The party is at 1 and I don't want to go! Not that I don't want to celebrate E's birthday. I just feel like I have so much to do here. I still have food in the fridge to process, have to do laundry and get the kids ready for school.

I still don't have a BROOM! My broom broke last week and I've been trying to get a new one ever since. I FORGOT to get one while grocery shopping and have asked 4 people who were going towards a store to pick me up one since then. Everyone has forgotten it! These floors (linoleum and hardwood) are disgusting! Allison is laughing at me because I keep saying...I need a broom! Won't someone take pity on me and buy me a broom! LOL My SIL, D, asked....Your broom is gone? How are you getting around!?!? I told her...Didn't the kids tell you I came by and borrowed your's while you were napping? ;o) *zing!*

Well, time to get these guys moving if we're going to be out the door in 2hrs or so.

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