Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Today is Carrie's 10th birthday. We've been so busy that I feel like we don't have anything for her in terms of a birthday. We usually let them pick out dinner for the evening. I think she's decided she'd like the chicken leg quarters that are in the freezer. I can think of a lot more tastier things in the freezer then that...but it's her birthday! I'm also suppose to be getting everything ready for school tomorrow. Not fun to have to work on your birthday. I'll try and be easy on her. I have to go into my room and see what's in the closet for me to give to her. I know I have some things, just not sure what I want to use now and what I want to use for Christmas. She's asked me for a present a few times already today. Guess I can find something small to give her. I'll give her the main present/presents after everyone is home. Because I don't have an oven we've been buying birthday cakes. I don't really want to run to the store today, maybe I can get Tom to stop on the way home from work and pick one up.

I'm starting to want a working oven!!! This is the time of the year where I like to start baking. I did bake banana bread and lemon poppy bread. The first was yummy, the second...I've been asked NOT to make it again. I think it was the recipe's fault! ;o) I'll have to ask my online friend ma for one of her recipes. She always has good ones. Actually need to ask her for a few that I lost in my last computer crash. Looks like the garden is going to be demanding me to make some salsa soon.

I need to get an area outside cleaned up and turned over so I can plant all the plants my dad brought over last week, before they all die!!! I think today would be the only day this week that would be good enough to work outside. I think the tailend of hurricane Frances should be here starting on Wed. If we get as much rain as I've seen predicted, looks like Tom will be working some overtime.

Well, now that I'm up to date (I hate being behind here) I can now get on with things and do what needs to be done! I'll update later on how Carrie's birthday and how ready I am for school to start.


Chris said...

Happy Birthday carrie!!!

And YUM on the homemade salsa... I just can't seem to eat enough tomatoes or tomato products when I am pregnant LOL.

Chris said...

hey I left a comment the other day to this post but it seems to have disappeared! LOL

Happy (belated) Birthday to Carrie!!!

And that salsa sounds YUMMY!!!! I can't get enough tomato and tomato products when I am pregnant.